Ben Affleck's Oscars Acceptance Speech Sheds New Light on His Marriage to Jennifer Garner (VIDEO)

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ben affleckBen Affleck's no stranger to Oscar speeches, but when he took the stage to accept the award for Best Picture for Argo, he was able to thank someone he probably didn't even know when he and Matt Damon won Best Screenplay in 1998: His wife. In a totally genuine, possibly telling moment, Ben thanked Jennifer Garner for "working on our marriage for 10 Christmases. It's good ... it IS work, but it's the best kind of work ... and there's no one I'd rather work with." Awww!

While the little ditty actually got some people clucking about if this indicates the two are having trouble at home, it struck me as completely romantic ... because it was incredibly honest.

I feel like we go to serious extremes when it comes to how we see celebrity relationships ... They're either totally mismatched and ill-fated (see: most reality star couples, Taylor Swift and anyone) or so perfect and meant-to-be that we could never see them calling it quits (see: Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, Amy Poehler and Will Arnett until they did split ...). We'd tend to file Ben and Jen (2.0) under the latter, so Ben admitting that they "work" on their marriage shatters the idea that they're perfect, flawless. That they have so much fame and money and credibility in Hollywood, that they must obviously also have a happy, effortless marriage. But that's NUTS!

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Celebrity or not, no one has that. From what I can tell from friends who have been married four years, my parents who have been married almost 40, or my grandparents who were married over 60 years, every "good" marriage takes work. It's because of that work that you grow together, you learn, you evolve as a person and as partners. If you can commit to working together through harder, tougher times, you come out even stronger.

That said, it sounds like Ben and Jen have one of the most down-to-earth, grounded, and REAL marriages in Hollywood. And that definitely makes it aspirational.

Check out the speech here if you missed it ...


What did you think of what Ben said about his marriage? Do you agree "working on a marriage" is actually more romantic than it sounds?


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rhps2000 rhps2000

I like that he was honest about it. It was sweet.

nonmember avatar KA

She seems like a really down-to-earth person, who doesn't let fame, etc. get in the way. Every photo I see of her she's with her kids, looking like a normal person - not all glammed up for the camera's, etc. She probably grounds him in reality, especially when it comes to his work. Movie-making is probably time consuming & maybe she sets boundaries for their relationship & their family life. IDK. Either way, what he said wasn't bad at all. Maybe she is what keeps in balance & that's not a bad thing.

nonmember avatar blue

I thought his speech was lovely. I don't think it meant there are problems at all. Yes, choosing to spend you life with a person working toward the same goal, is very romantic. Love as a choice, is much more profound, then love as a feeling.

nonmember avatar Sue

I thought he was a little flat footed, but came up with a reasonable save. I find it more romantic when someone says, "you are my everything," or something to that effect, and leaves it at that.

Maias... MaiasMommy619

Maybe he was just thanking her for being married to him for 10 yrs...we all know marriage isnt easy...I dont think it is telling us anything deep really...I dont think she would pop out 3 kids with him if it was bad....or maybe I am wrong.who knows.

MrsCh... MrsChurch

I thought it was so sweet and honest. They seem like such a great couple.

nonmember avatar Jo

I agree with you. Thanks for pointing out to cyberspace that honesty and work are key ingredients in a good, real marriage.

help4... help4newmoms

I sincerely hope you are right. I had a flashback, though, to an interview Brad Pitt did when he described marriage to Jennifer Anniston as more "work" than he thought.  He was within Angelina soon after....

jpfsmom jpfsmom

I think Ben and Jen are more grounded than most hollywood couples and they seem to be lucky enough to not have the tabloids hound them in the press and keep their life private. They both seem like very genuine people and it doesn't hurt that they are both adorable :).

missy... missybest

I do not understand "picking apart" and "analyzing" everything people say.  With that said, it doesn't matter why he said it.  The truth is that if you want a marriage and a family, it is work.  Both people have to be committed to make it work.  So, eureka!  It takes work to stay in a marriage.  Sadly, an awful lot of people - celebrities and common folks - just refuse to work at it.

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