'Bachelor' Reject Tierra LiCausi WILL Appear on 'Women Tell All' Special & Embarrass Herself Miserably

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Sean Lowe Tierra LiCausi

Yesssssss! Even though it was originally reported that she would not be in attendance, it turns out that Tierra LiCausi will appear on The Bachelor Women Tell All special -- which is the greatest news ever for drama hungry fans who can't get enough of her crazy.

It's not clear what made Tierra change her mind and decide to face her haters on the show (duh, it had to be money), but she sucked it up, put on her sparkle face, and went for it.

And lucky for us, it sounds like no one was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt or cut her any slack for being a nut job.

Ok, wanna hear a sneak peek of what we'll have the pleasure of seeing when the Women Tell All show airs?

Well, supposedly Tierra remains backstage for most of the show, and then she turns on the charm as soon as she's brought out to face the other women in the house. She then tries to defend her character and convince everyone that she's a sweet, fun girl -- and the other Bachelor women just aren't having it.

And apparently Robyn even flat-out calls her crazy, which is a moment I'm seriously counting down the days to witness. (Something tells me Robyn and I are long lost BFFs.)

Of course, Tierra still insists that all the girls in the house are just jealous of her and were out to get her from the start. She does eventually apologize for offending the other women, but again, the girls aren't impressed.

But the best part is that Tierra doesn't even stick around long enough on the show to face Sean, which pretty much proves that she's even more pathetic than anyone initially thought. I mean, how chicken sh*& can a person be?!? She at least owed him some sort of explanation for why she acted like a total crazy person. And if anyone would've heard her out and given her a second chance, it would've been Sean for sure. What was she so afraid of? (Oh yeah, probably having him look her directly in the eye and ask why she tricked him into thinking she was remotely stable.)

Who are you most excited to hear from on the Women Tell All special?


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dasiy... dasiyletts2

you bet i'm gonna be glude to that tv  cause everyone know what a lieing Biotch she is and what a fake  little miss drama queen

Nikole Speck

Really? Who wrote this article? What a piece of work you are to judge someone that the producers helped create. Tierra IS human you know... And I think she's a pretty blunt, good person! Pathetic????!!!! She doesn't owe anyone explanations. Sean wasn't a part of her life for more than a couple of weeks! She doesn't owe him anything! I commend her for #1 making the show actually watchable. #2 actually sticking up for herself and actually having WAY more substance than any of those other snobby girls. And finally #3 the fact that she's smart and brave enough to be belittled in front of everyone for the other snobby girls to give their egos a boost. Go Tierra! You are one tough chick and I think you rock!!!!

Fondue Fondue

^^^^Tierra, is that you?

Nikole Speck

Does my picture lOok

Debbie Lukas

I can't wait to watch the show!!! It should be very interesting. And Nikole, the producers did not put that in her head to be the Drama Queen of the show, so no one would like her, she did that all by herself. And besides, did you even watch Sean Tells All last week??? Chris Harrison, said, that is the way she is, all drama and then sweet has pie the next, like everyone is out to get her!!! Even Sean said, Tierra should of NEVER come on the show, because she couldn't handle the situation. Don't get me wrong, I do wish her the best and hope she finds someone that can love her!!!

Nikole Speck

Seriously, no one Needs to judge her over a stupid tv show. And do I look like Tierra??? No.

nonmember avatar Jeanete Sanchez

When does the women tell all air on tv?

nonmember avatar Marla

Having friends who help produce reality shows for a living, I can say that they don't make anyone "look crazy". The minute you do something crazy, they edit all the other moments to follow that character that the participant gave the producers. Tierra was an emotional nut job who gave "Cray Cray" a new face. That's the price for going on show with a bunch of women competing for one man or any other reality show, the public judgement. No one forced her on show, she knew what she was getting into....so if the world believes that she is psychotic.....well that's what she gave....on TV.

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