Kristen Stewart on Crutches at Oscars 2013: What Really Happened to Her?

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kristen stewart crutchesKristen Stewart sure knows how to get us talking. She didn't just show up to the 85th Annual Oscars without Robert Pattinson on her arm. (Whatever could his absence mean?!?) She showed up with crutches under her arms. That's right -- the actress must've experienced an injury rather recently, because she dramatically took the red carpet with crutches as her key accessory. 

Granted, she still looked incredible in her strapless, lacy, romantic Reem Acra gown that might be the most gorgeous thing she's ever worn. And she still had seriously glam, voluminous movie star hair. But crutches?! What the heck happened, KStew? Well, we've got a few ideas about the real explanation ...

  1. An old injury brought back to life. Much like Bella had a whole new life as a vampire, the foot injury Kristen suffered while shooting Snow White and the Huntsman may have been aggravated again somehow, causing her to require the crutches tonight.
  2. She can't take the cold. Apparently, it was a bit nippy out there in Hollywood tonight, and Los Angelenos think they're freezing whenever the temp drops below 70, so it's possible the SWATH injury was aggravated by the cold!
  3. She was inspired by Lady Gaga. And making a statement about fame and the paparazzi handicapping her ... or something.
  4. She's trying to get us to talk about something other than her on-again-off-again/who-the-hell-knows relationship. Yeah. Good luck with that!
  5. She was secretly filming Fifty Shades of Grey. ... and got a little too frisky in the elevator or Audi R8?
  6. She doing her best Bella Swan. Maybe as a last hurrah, she wanted to pay tribute to Mrs. Cullen, who was famous for being a klutz?
  7. She was just getting "the support" she needed. That she couldn't get from RPatz or Rupert. Oooh, burn!
  8. She tried -- and failed to wear heels. A notorious hater of haute couture footwear, who much prefers her Chucks, maybe she had an actual wardrobe malfunction with a way-too-high pair of spike Louboutins?
  9. She's an "idiot." Hey, her words, not mine! When Josh Horowitz at MTV asked her what happened, all she had to say for herself was, "I'm an idiot!"

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Or, of course, the alleged, real reason: Kristen "cut the ball of her foot, quite severely on glass two days ago," according to the star's makeup artist, Beau Nelson, who spoke to People. Aww, bummer! Nelson added that Stewart is in "a little bit of pain," and it was a scramble to find suitable flats! No matter -- heartbroken, broken glass or both, she still looked amaaazing.

What do you think happened to cause Kristen Stewart to walk the red carpet on crutches? What did you think about her look overall? 


Image via Christopher Polk/Getty

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Kindall Nelson

Did they really say Kristen is "a little bit of pain" or "IN a little bit of pain"? LOL. I believe both.

nonmember avatar Crog

I don't know, but she's high as a kite!

summe... summerblythe

Is she secretly dating chris brown?

nonmember avatar Morgan

She looked drunk when she was on stage. And while I think the dress was pretty, I don't think Stewart was. It just didn't look right on her. Anyone else I think it would look gorgeous, but it just didn't fit her somehow. As for her hair, I certainly wouldn't call it movie star esque by any means. It looked exactly the way it always does, except that for once it looked like she actually washed it.

Caitl... Caitlyn137

Partyed too hard

SaphireH SaphireH

she sliced the ball of her foot on brroken glass a few days ago

nonmember avatar Sara Parker

Oh no she didn't...

nonmember avatar Cait

She looked terrible and was obviously very uncomfortable on stage. She can't hang with the true hollywood starlets.

Keran... Kerannmer

Her "hairstyle" is tiiiiiirrreed.

Sloane Michelle Sanders

I felt so bad for poor Daniel when they walked out...he looked back to see if she wanted help, and she shrugged him off, so now he looks like the jerk to everyone. She was, as usual, monotone and boring when she presented. You're presenting at the Oscars; smile for the love of God!

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