Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Likely Broke Up, But Now's Not a Good Time to Admit It

kristen stewart robert pattinsonThis is (probably not) going to be the last thing I ever write about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson collectively, because not only am I sick of the crazy love games these two forever seem to be playing, I'm beginning to believe that their entire relationship has just been one big love game, carefully crafted for hopelessly romantic Twi-hards who so wanted to believe these two were the real deal. Here's where we're at right now, guys: According to pretty much every media outlet in the world, Kristen and Rob have indeed already broken up, but they're just waiting for the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 DVD release to make their big announcement.

Okay, A) Gross. And B) Is this really necessary? Isn't the Twilight saga, and all the DVDs and dolls and cookware that go along with it, already a juggernaut? Will admitting they're not together really put a dent in sales?

Throughout Rob and Kristen's entire relationship -- the ups, the downs, everything -- there has been constant speculation regarding the authenticity of it. IE, was this all a smoke a mirrors show for publicity? Many, including myself, have found the timing of a lot of their relationship issues fairly suspicious. IE, why did they magically get back together right before the premiere of the last Twilight? Coincidence? I think not. And they never, ever once confirmed or denied anything in the entire lifespan of their romance (except for that weird public apology Kristen released regarding cheating on Rob). They've always been an "are they or aren't they? ooh, let's hope they are!" kind of couple. And they always seem to be "on" just when they need to be.

If they've already broken up, Christ, just tell everyone. Shout it from the rooftops. Wear a t-shirt proclaiming it. Tweet it. As sad as it is for some people, Twilight is done. It's over. Yes, the DVD for the final installment still needs to be released, but that's it. I hardly think that's something to "stay together" for. People will buy it and cherish and makeout with it regardless.

In a way, I feel bad for Rob and Kristen, as I'm sure what they tell the media and when isn't all their doing. It has to be a massive pain in the ass to keep something a secret, especially when it pertains to a relationship, simply for the sake of publicity. If they broke up, I feel bad. But I hope this time is the last. It seems exhausting to be them -- whether their relationship is fake or not.

Do you think Rob and Kristen aren't always truthful about their relationship?

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Jessi... Jessica208

While actually its the media making it bigger than what it is, but kristen and robert have been low key for months. Rob's filming a movie. They know what's going on in  their lives. The media needs to just leave them alone.

nonmember avatar eve

Hmm... Rob has been away in Australia to shoot a film The Rover, so of course they are not together at the moment... This site seems a lot like HollywoodLies...

nonmember avatar Kiki

Rob deserves better. Hopefully he's smart enought to get away from the trash soon.

Joyce Whitt

This is another bunch of lies.  They are fine.  Did you forget, it's NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!  You sound so desperate for bad news!  I hope they never tell these rag sites anything.  Why not go after someone else. This couple is real.  They owe you no explanation.  Move on.  You ae truly one of the worst ites.  You're too invested in something tats none of your concern.  Hahaha. I'm aughing every time I see how desperate you get.  You wrote like you're owed an explanation.  Haha Dream on!

nonmember avatar dc

The end of this charade needs to come quick. There are people that cannot accept the fact that they are NOT Edward and Bella. People have come to see them that way and will not believe anything else. They were two young people cast together in a love story. There may have been some chemistry in the beginning but to look at them now, it's obvious that thas has waned. They look miserable when they are together. People need to realize that Edward and Bella are CHARACTERS from a made up love story! But the sheep will never let it go.

nonmember avatar Mary Truffa

I have always felt this "romance" was mainly for the movie fans and I feel bad for the actors that they agreed to this charade

nonmember avatar nt-ur-business

I hate you! Why don't you just leave them alone! So what they are in movies! Who gives one, apparently loads of people! Because their all so dumb, brain washed yeah you watch these movies but in one of Robs interview he said a 7yr old girl came up to him and said bite me with such passion and willingness because she wanted to be a part of the made-up vampire world so much rob felt like he had too (he didn't). Doesn't anyone just find this a bit ridiculous! she's 7yrs old and the movies are 12's! Anyone else notice the year difference?

Just leave them to do what they want after all they are their own grown-up people, if they are going to make mistakes, who cares they are only human! We all make mistakes! Just get your little prying eyes out of their business or did they lose that right when they were in the movie? I don't think so. I hate journalists because they just can't leave anything alone and most the time end up making something stupid up! If they wanna break-up then they will but it will be NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS because you are not in that relationship!!!! I hate how desperate you always sound as well! Just give up already!

Alex O'Brien

They play love games? Really? Seems to me, all they want as an obviously very private couple is for leaches and vultures like you to leave them alone. I've not seen where "pretty much every media outlet in the world" has them broken up. In fact, it's just the opposite. Most REPUTABLE outlets are saying they're just fine and carrying on like they normally do when one or the other is on location. But, I have to say, your most moronic statement had to be in the last paragraph when you had the nerve to show some fake sympathy for them. Oh, and how you're so tired of all the back and forth - well, it's the tabloids that created this back and forth so if you want it to stop so bad, shut up and do it. Open mouth, insert foot - sound familiar?

Bobbye Smith

These people do not have to tell anyone about any relationship they may have had or now. Frankly I am so tired of this Rob and Kristen saga. My interest lies in whats the next movie Rob is in I think he has potential. I will continue to follow his career. I don't think Kristen is a good actress. My opinion has nothing to do with her personal life.

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