'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Doesn't Want Us to Remember Her

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kailyn lowryUnlike many of her co-stars, Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry seems to have her head squarely on her shoulders. Sure, she's guilty of some stupid teen stuff (like hooking up with her ex Jo Rivera), but for the most part, she's a young lady who knows what's up. Case in point? Her latest tweet.

The 20-year-old mom of one knows that this Teen Mom fame isn't going to last forever. After getting some flack from fans about her relationship with her new husband, Javi Marroquin, Kail wrote:

I don't even care what everyone else says. In a year nobody will remember us anyway! We made it this far! #thickandthin.

That's some solid perspective right there. While Farrah Abraham is clinging onto her fleeting fame with her over-sexed personality, and while Jenelle's (allegedly) faking miscarriages to stay in the news, and while Leah Messer-Calvert is popping out babies left and right, it's nice to see Kailyn understands that none of this attention matters.

I'm sure the other girls will have a rude awakening when the calls stop coming in, but Kailyn's not only prepared for it, it sounds like she's looking forward to it.

Best part is, she's in control of her fame, or rather, her visibility that makes her famous, and once she stops doing the show and retires from social media, her stardom will wane.

But Kail's by far and away the most grounded of the Teen Moms, and ironically, she may be the only one actually worthy of a 15 minutes of fame extension.

Are you surprised by Kailyn's tweet?


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RobJar RobJar

First, I don't think she is all your making her out to be. The previews show her becoming violent with her now husband. Last weeks episode was all about her and Jo getting into a physical altercation, which she attacked Jo, with her son there. I believe another teen mom did that and ended up in jail.

Nichole Rivers Alford

@robjar....She also sent out a statement telling the viewers what the next season had in store( With her violence) she has since gone to consling and has gotten medication to help with some underlying problems...

nonmember avatar Mo

@robjar.. yea, everyone's so quick to judge only by what they see in "previews". If you really wanted to make a comment like Nichole said, she already apologized for her actions in the season and she admits to being clinically bi-polar which is why she had mood swings. Next time don't be too quick to judge.

Chuck Hayes

Also what you have to keep in mind is that these episodes we are seeing are almost a year old since they truely happened if not older than a year. Even the Dr. drew part is old. I honestly think kailyn is the only one with her head right. She isnt being the baby popper like Leah. or Chelsea who dont have brains at all to get her life on track and stop caring for a guy who is a idiot or even Jennelle who is just a idiot who wants attention. Dont get me wrong its all entertaining but Kailyn is the one going in the right direction.

Sarah Barker

I do not understand why you are looping Leah in with Farrah and Jenelle. She is not popping babies out left and right... she has had 3 total pregnancies, one ending in miscarriage. Yes, on pregnancy was twins, but how is 3 kids popping out babies left and right? She wanted a baby with her new husband and they have the money to support them, so why not?! She is not a Jenelle OR a Farrah. And, last I checked, she is trying to keep the new baby out of the media spotlight. She is a better mom than most people on that show. Sure, she has made mistakes, but not like some of them have.

Chuck Hayes

The reason I said that because she is only 19 years old and  has been pregnant 3 times yes once was a miscarraige But your 19 years old and pregnant 3 times.  That means she isnt careful enough. I never said she wasnt a good mom. My point was that Kailyn who didnt have it easy as most of the other mothers has done a hell of a job.  All those girls on that show are still immature. And before anyone starts bashing down on me for that go look up the word immature in the dictionary. 

Sarah Barker

She is 21. Not 19. Or about to turn 21, they were just posting the other day about her 21st birthday. Looping her in with Jenelle and Farrah definitely makes it sound like you are calling her a bad mom. I am pretty sure she tried for the last two pregnancies. I have been pregnant 7 times and I am only 25. I have only one child to show for it because of recurrent miscarriages, but does that mean that I am not careful enough? Nope. 3 kids by 21, yes, it's a lot to handle, but it isn't impossible and she seems happy now.

Sarah Barker

And I agree, Kailyn is a great mom and she has done better than a lot of the other ones.

CPN322 CPN322

Whenever I read about her, the first thing that comes to mind is her hitting both the father of her child and her now husband. I wouldn't want people to remember that either. Many abusers apologize for their abuse and claim to get treatment but don't. I don't follow these girls so I hope that she is really getting help. I will absolutely judge anyone that hits someone(and I've done it! I've got a lot going on up there but that doesn't make it ok). Having a psychological disorder is NOT an excuse it is an explaination for a behavior.  She should have been treated for bipolar all along.

nonmember avatar ksill

I think we're all too quick to judge... the producers make it seem so much worse than it is. I'm sure something went down and she probably did hit him, and she definitely has anger issues there is no doubt there but remember that the producer shows only what they want and what will get the most people watching so to say she's an awful person/mother over something so over played isn't fair.. and as for leah she's a great mom, she may not be the brightest, having kids so early in a second marriage, but sometimes when you find the right person you know right away and you realize how stupid you were before. I think we're also way to quick to judge her. If she wants to have kids and is MARRIED, which she is, then who are you to judge her fort that. just a thought

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