Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Can't Reveal Their Split Yet & You'll Never Guess Why

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kristen stewart robert pattinson twilightAre Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart back together or totally broken up? The answer to that question seems to depend on which tabloid you ask and the day. Today, for instance, says they've been dunzo for a while now ... But they're not planning on making their split public until they fulfill at least one more responsibility: Hawking the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 DVD, due out March 2.

According to an "insider," Robsten "were asked to not announce a break-up or any relationship trouble until the DVD has been out for a few weeks and everything has sold. Since the first couple weeks are the times when the DVD will sell like wildfire. The more DVDs sold, the more money for them. So they are abiding by the request.” Wow ... completely crazy or makes total sense?! Gotta say, I'm thinkin' the latter.

Yeah, call me a Robsten conspiracy theorist if you must, but all along, there have been reasons to believe that their entire relationship or at least various publicity "opportunities" have been as scripted as their films. The cheating scandal had us all raising a skeptical eyebrow. The reunion? Way too well-timed. And now ... of course producers are going to want them to keep up the ruse until all of their pockets are sufficiently lined. So annoying!

Not to mention, can you imagine being in Rob and Kristen's shoes? Whoa, to have your love life micromanaged so closely by executives who are profiting off of it? It's certainly a twisted, steep price to pay for fame. But I guess ... they're richer and more famous as a result?

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It really makes you think, just how many Hollywood relationships are actually legit? Man, it's hard enough to have a conversation with someone in that town without thinking the other person's just making it up as they go along! The cutthroat, opportunistic, and greedy culture drives tons of phony-baloney romances. So let's not be too scandalized or surprised if Rob and Kristen's happened to be one of them all along ...

Do you believe there may be some truth to this gossip? Do you think the relationship has been "managed" from the get-go, since the scandal, or just in the wake of a split?


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Laura Kelley

either way broke up or not Im sure tons of people would still buy the movie. I could careless what they do or any other actor/actress for that matter if I like the movie I like it & am still going to buy it

Rhonda Denise Green

Exactly! To the true Romantic Twi-Hard fans... It does not matter whether Rob & Kris are together or not, outside of the Movie. (Yes, it would be nice if they are) But, Fans like the movies.. We will buy the Movies, and Books, and all the stuff that goes with it, No matter what the relationship is between the 2 actor's. So.. Whatever happens , happens.. Most fans are so over the Relationship Drama, we no longer care to hear whether they are together or broke up any more, Move on Already!

Michelle Chapman

Exactly Rhonda couldnt have said it betr myself. It's done and over with, if they r that's a good thing, if they r not together well then so be it i'm sure they have their own reasons why they arent together. Either way, its their movies that r selling not them so what does it matter. A good movie is a good movie either way u look at it. I would buy the dvd's oh wait i did buy the dvd's and the books because i love the story. they r actors it's their job to entertain us and that's what they do. i love them both as actors but that's as far as it goes, i'm not gonna die or not buy the dvd because they arent together or they r together


annie... anniemal4

    You guys are sooooo full of it!!!!  You're not journalists, you're paparazzi with a keyboard..You are just making up stuff so people will read it.  You don't have a clue whats going on!  If they're breaking up, why did she fly to Austrailia to be with him??  You are writing whatever will entice people to read your garbage article.  I  would never believe a word your 'hurtin' website posts'.... give it up!

lasombrs lasombrs

I have always thought them to be a fake couple

nonmember avatar j

Just stop! These articles are totally lame, and everyone is contradicting each other with what these two actors are up to. The only reason why I'm commenting is - back in the true old Hollywood days....studios *did manage* actor's personal lives. Rock Hudson was gay but back then completely unacceptable especially for the box office -- his public social life was managed by the studio, and I believe it was part of their signed contract with the studio...if there's a party, a female date was suggested or arranged. So Hollywood management or studios controlling their actors is nothing new!

Ally Swarrow

Why do they HAVE to be together for the BD2 DVD release? Stupid.

Cindy Prather

They, Rob and Kristen are no longer under con track, with the studios!! They are still together as a couple, they really love each other, live together, with their 2 dogs. I am so Dam tired of all the Lies , all you people say about Rob and Kristen, all their real fans, we know their still together and will be for along time , maybe forever! So please stop all the Lies!!    

Chinmay Black's

hell with these gossips.they both are very good in the the real life if they are together or not we viewers dont care it.out side the the movie and in movie they are very good pair.we will buy the dvds and books..if they are together or not we dont care that.

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