Kim Kardashian Supposedly Got Pregnant to Make $22 Million

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Kim KardashianWhen you're Kim Kardashian and you get pregnant (or even just walk down the street), you're going to be subject to a lot of rumors and speculation. So let's dispense with the niceties and fast forward to the latest one: That bastion of award-winning journalism, Star Magazine, has the latest gossip on WHY Kim got preggo. Because she's in love with Kanye? Because she wants kids? HA! You silly naifs! It wasn't for any of those reasons. It was because of mon-ayy. A whole lot of cashola.

A source tells Star that Kim got pregnant in order to facilitate her divorce from Kris Humphries -- because if his case that he was duped into a fake marriage came out in his favor, Kim would have to return $22 million worth of gifts, freebies, and endorsement deal money she raked in during the "wedding of the century month." Says the source:

Kim wants everyone to think that this pregnancy was completely spontaneous, but the truth is she made it happen.

The source goes on to say it was all done with a devious dose of IVF. Bwahahaha! Take that, suckas!

Well, there's a lot of holes in this theory. How would a pregnancy help Kim's case that her marriage wasn't a fraud? If anything, it hurts it. Plus, why would Kim have to give everything back because she got pregnant? Makey no sensey.

But let's just say Kim DID decide to have a baby because $22 million was on the line. Hey, women have had babies for a lot less reason. Like buying into some kind of fantasy about what having children is like based on Hollywood paparazzi shots. Like doing it to keep a relationship. Like doing it to get married. Like doing it out of a hormonal fit! Like doing it cause your mom is buggin' you!

Women have kids for plenty of other reasons besides I desperately, insanely want a kid and can think of nothing else that will make my life remotely complete! Hell, I know one woman who had a baby because she was BORED. Anyway, I'm sure expanding her empire was the last thing on Kim's mind when she got knocked up.

But ... $22 million? Sign me up!

Would you have a baby for $22 million?


Image via Star Magazine

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nonmember avatar Janice

I believe it. There is always some truth to a rumor.

nonmember avatar Tonya

Kiri Blakeley sounds like a hater blogger. Kiki Blahblah needs to challenge her mind and write positive things about others. Don't let your jealous eat you up.

Berta Coldhearted Lynn

Hell No I wouldn't have a baby for no $22million. You might as well put a tattoo on your face that says HOE ALERT. HIDE YA MEN AND WALLETS! If you are going to have a baby do it because you love the person you are with. What I mean by love is something that will last more than 72 days and then the next thing you know you dnt want his ass. Think about it this way your children will be living with the choices you have made so when someone ask your child who is your mommy and daddy, and why do you think you where put here on earth, and they say my mommy and daddy is so and so, and I was put on earth for $22million. Hell of a story to tell a child or for them to say themselves.

nonmember avatar Mrs. Butler


Diane Campbell

sleezy money gtubbing whore. She is also getting fat for 2 million fro Jenny. Nothing this pig wont do for money

nonmember avatar erin

love me hollywood goosip

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