Kim Kardashian Supposedly Got Pregnant to Make $22 Million

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Kim KardashianWhen you're Kim Kardashian and you get pregnant (or even just walk down the street), you're going to be subject to a lot of rumors and speculation. So let's dispense with the niceties and fast forward to the latest one: That bastion of award-winning journalism, Star Magazine, has the latest gossip on WHY Kim got preggo. Because she's in love with Kanye? Because she wants kids? HA! You silly naifs! It wasn't for any of those reasons. It was because of mon-ayy. A whole lot of cashola.

A source tells Star that Kim got pregnant in order to facilitate her divorce from Kris Humphries -- because if his case that he was duped into a fake marriage came out in his favor, Kim would have to return $22 million worth of gifts, freebies, and endorsement deal money she raked in during the "wedding of the century month." Says the source:

Kim wants everyone to think that this pregnancy was completely spontaneous, but the truth is she made it happen.

The source goes on to say it was all done with a devious dose of IVF. Bwahahaha! Take that, suckas!

Well, there's a lot of holes in this theory. How would a pregnancy help Kim's case that her marriage wasn't a fraud? If anything, it hurts it. Plus, why would Kim have to give everything back because she got pregnant? Makey no sensey.

But let's just say Kim DID decide to have a baby because $22 million was on the line. Hey, women have had babies for a lot less reason. Like buying into some kind of fantasy about what having children is like based on Hollywood paparazzi shots. Like doing it to keep a relationship. Like doing it to get married. Like doing it out of a hormonal fit! Like doing it cause your mom is buggin' you!

Women have kids for plenty of other reasons besides I desperately, insanely want a kid and can think of nothing else that will make my life remotely complete! Hell, I know one woman who had a baby because she was BORED. Anyway, I'm sure expanding her empire was the last thing on Kim's mind when she got knocked up.

But ... $22 million? Sign me up!

Would you have a baby for $22 million?


Image via Star Magazine

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worki... workingmama86

Hell, I'd have 10 babies for $22 million!!! LOL! 

nonmember avatar Savannah


mgm_5 mgm_5

this is probably Chris Humphries who started this rumor

drpat... drpatriot

She is a damn cunt is all that she is. She became famous for no other reason than her damn sex parts. She is not any better than that Fluke that filbustered congress.

Wileen Byroads

Those stupid Kardashians would DO ANYTHING FOR MONEY! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM??????

Lobelle Lobelle

Can't stand her, but gotta say she's got a damn good plastic surgeon. she looks 300 times better than per-surgeries.

nonmember avatar gladys

I think yes she did, when it comes to babies ppl r sympthetic nd by doing so ppl would mk kris the bad guy nd she would get her divorce. If really she had fertility problems why was she on pills?? She planned it to get the divorce fast nd mk kris lose all respect nd things. Can't u see the way she behaves with west is way beyond how she did wit kris? Kris is the victim nd kim is using the innocent baby to get what she want. West obsession wit kim wil ruin him, he has to put himself in kris or her other victims shoes.if really she cares for the baby like she claimed she should gv wat kris wants. And how sure she wasn't seeing west before,during nd after the marriage wit kris?

nonmember avatar truly

This has Kris Humphries written all over it.He is in desperation mode since his lawyer quit on him(lawyer doesn't believe in his own client-wow).He figures he will spread lies until Kim breaks down and gives into his demands. This guy will stop at nothing.

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