Mindy McCready's Ex-Boyfriend Dean Cain Should Keep His Mouth Shut About Her

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Dean CainA tragic early death is usually the time everyone comes out with accolades about what a wonderful person so-and-so was and how tragic it is that he/she is gone. Not quite so with Mindy McCready. She's had a somewhat more colorful romantic life than most -- and the ex-boyfriends have been keen to tell the press their feelings about her. Billy McKnight, father of her son Zander, has come out and said he wants to raise her two kids and that her death "wasn't a major shock." Baseball legend Roger Clemens, who reportedly had a decade-long affair with Mindy, called her death "sad news" but also declared, "The few times that I had met her and her manager/agent, they were extremely nice." Talk about a backhanded compliment. And now actor Dean Cain, who was once engaged to Mindy, has voiced his opinions on Mindy. And I'm glad she's not around to hear them.

Cain, who dated Mindy in 1998, just after he finished his run as Superman on TV, said he too "wasn't surprised" by her suicide. But he had a lot more to say about their year of living together. And apparently Dean never heard the adage, "If you don't have anything nice to say ... " The former hunk told People:

I can't paint too pretty a picture. She would start arguments, start drama. Things weren't allowed to be good.

He says that he didn't see Mindy's addiction issues while they were a couple but that "red flags were everywhere" and that he "told her to get out." He continues:

Everything she did was a manipulation of sorts. She would just get combative.

And then he sums it all up with:

When I did speak to her, truth didn't come out. She was kind of poisonous and not somebody I was going to have in my life anymore -- or anywhere around my son. All her troubles were self-inflicted. She had everything. She was a tremendous talent but everything about it was a waste.

Well, I guess we know why these two kids didn't work out! No doubt this is the way Dean felt, but is there a purpose to trashing your ex after she's dead? Maybe he just needed to get it off his chest -- but if so, why not share it with his close friends, or a therapist?

It doesn't seem to occur to Dean that it takes two to tango, and perhaps he was at least partly responsible for their combative relationship. Maybe she had good reason to be combative? Part of getting older is getting wiser (hopefully) and realizing how you contributed to a relationship's problems. Apparently that hasn't happened to Dean.

What do you think about what Dean had to say?

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Furry... Furrycreature

Poor thing surrounded herself with some hardcore assholes.

nonmember avatar Anon

Or maybe she was an a- hole. Yes, it is in bad taste for anyone to be publicly commenting on her at this point, but as sad as her death is, it is possible that she was as dramatic and out of control as people say she was. Addicts aren't angels, and addiction is no excuse for bad behavior. Throw in mental illness, and you probably do have someone who is difficult to be around. Those who love addicts and mentally ill people have a hard time dealing with those issues, primarily because of the unperdictability of their actions. Doesn't make them assholes at all.

SIMom... SIMomSays

Maybe it is better to say nothing at all.... but I am getting sick of everyone glorifying these people just because they died. She was a very talented artist but her personal life was a hot mess.... and it seems a lot of her problems were self inflicted. It's tiresome to have drug addicts and even criminals glroified just because they reached a tragic end..... 

cmjaz cmjaz

I don't blame him. Several people have said that she was like that. She ruined her own life.

nonmember avatar Sabrina

I saw her on Celebrity Ghost Stories awhile back and she talked about a cheating scumbag former boyfriend. While she didn't mention his name, her description of him and their relationship sounded like she was most likely talking about Dean Cain.

worki... workingmama86

Freedom of speech. Clearly he knew her well and his feelings on her are less admirable. He has the right to speak about her however he wishes. It's sad he'd say all of this after she's passed, but what can you do? He has the right to say what he wishes! 

jalaz77 jalaz77

Ouch. That hurts but to me she wasn't talented and should of never been in the spotlight. She was a loose cannon. She put much thought into this suicide and no thought into her boys. She died in the same place and same way her youngest child's father did a mont ago, or whenever it was. This suicide still does not surprise me in the least. I feel so bad for those kids. One kid has a monster for a father and the other has no parents. How horrible.

Ang9403 Ang9403

Hes speaking the truth about her instead of sugar coating a drug addict. 

CPN322 CPN322

I agree with Anon and the author. Maybe she was terrible, maybe they both were or maybe their personalities just really clashed. I do think he should have gone to his therapists with his thoughts instead of the press but I am not him.

BirdCo BirdCo

Dying does erase who you were in life. While its sad especially for her childern she was a troubled woman and to sugar coat it after death makes her problems and other with those problems become trivial.

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