Matt Bomer Hasn't Been Asked to Play Christian Grey -- Yeah, Right

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matt bomerMatt Bomer is a tease, all right. The Magic Mike star was cagey when talking to the BBC about rumors he might be starring as Christian Grey in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie. In fact, he said outright that he hasn't even been approached about the part.

Oh Matty Matt Matt. Come now. Do you really think all this "I haven't been approached" talk is fooling anyone? We all know what you really mean when you say such things, wink wink.

Matt told interviewers:

Did you ask whether I've been approached to play the part? No. I'm incredibly flattered by and grateful for the response, for sure, but yeah, I guess that's all I can say about that.

First of all, the tell-tale sign that someone's uncomfortable with the question is when they begin their answer by repeating the question. It's a stalling tactic we all picked up in elementary school, and Matt, you're going to have to do better than that if you're going to make us believe you haven't had talks with producers about playing Christian Grey.

Second of all, that little part at the end there, "That's all I can say about that" ... "can" is by far and away the operative word. It hints that someone (like, say, the producers) don't want him talking about their meetings. If he's not allowed to say something, or can't say something, it's because, inherently, there is, in fact, something to say.

Which means, Matt's hiding something.

Which probably means, he's going to be Christian Grey.

Here's hoping, anyway.

Do you think Matt Bomer will be cast?


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Kathy Exmeyer

I hope to God he plays Christain, he is the only one.

Shal Skipper

ya knw wht,whn i lok at him,i see christian grey! js :)

Fahmida Siddyqua

Hope that Matt Bomer plays Christian Grey.

Fafa Crawford

Or maybe he has just really not been approached...

nonmember avatar desiree

Matt Bomer is the only one who can play christian grey. If he is not CG than no movie for me. Read the books at least ten times. don't kill my dreams about master grey

Alison Scherff Eidsmore

I do like him on White Collar but I do not see him as Christian, sorry. And his thing with his eyes freak me out...going big eyed. Him in the part would ruin it for me...he's not dark and messed up enough or able to play that...he is cute but not dangerously sexy. Sorry Matt....

Susana Neves

I can´t see anyone else to do this role..."Fifty shades of Grey" movie without Matt Bomer in it...????Impossible!!!!!!!

Eva Gracia

El es perfecto siii!! Lo tiene todo de Christian, de fisico es exactamente igual, yo me lo imagine asi cuando leia, y eso que a este actor lo conoci despues de leer!! Me sorprendi al verlo, pense que Grey existia de verdad, haste que me entere de que Matt era un actor... jajajaj . Es sexy,atractibo, seductor, los trajes le quedan de maravilla, su mirada te paraliza, su sonrisa perfecta, es guapisimo( como lo es Grey) cuando se pone serio... uffff lo clava, es jugueton, y muchos etc...... esque no puede ser otro, ya no, muchas lo queremos a el; demasiadas, y tambien muchas ya nos emos hecho a la idea de que el va a ser Christian, ya no nos lo pueden cambiar!! Yo si no es el no vere la pelicula..... Porque no seran 50 Sombras de Grey...... sino 50 Sombras de otro chico..... y mi cabeza creo  Matt cuando leia los libros; por algo sera!!!!!!!! MATT BOMER PERFECTO Y UNICO CHRISTIAN GREY!!!!!!!!!

Amy Bush

Call me wierd, but I don't want a self professed gay man playing the part of a Dominant sexual figure playing opposite 'Ana'. Its just gross

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