'Bachelor' Sean Lowe's 'Virginity' Could Mean His Marriage Is Already Doomed

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Sean Lowe Lindsay

Sigh. Sean Lowe. You gotta love him. He's so down-to-earth and sweet. He's hot. Like really hot. And he seems like such a fiercely loyal, romantic, gentlemanly dude. He's perfect as The Bachelor.

But then there's the whole "born again virgin" thing, which is pretty much a major buzz kill any way you look at it. Sure, the whole concept of saving yourself for marriage is kind of admirable in a really old-fashioned way, but come on. How can you vow to spend the rest of your life with someone without taking them for a test drive first?

Sean seems hell bent and determined not to get too frisky with any of the women until he's in the confines of some swanky hotel suite on his wedding night. I can't help but wonder if he'll wind up regretting his decision.

I know sex isn't the most important thing in a marriage, but if the sex is good, it definitely doesn't hurt. And if it's bad or non-existent? Yeah, it tends to complicate things quite a bit. If two people don't have good sexual chemistry and aren't at all compatible between the sheets, then odds are good there will be some other aspect of their lives where they don't mesh, which will lead to a whole host of problems that potentially could have been avoided if only they'd done the deed beforehand. (Whew.)

Seriously, how bad would it suck to finally give in to temptation on your wedding night only to find that your spouse doesn't exactly know how to (ahem) press your buttons? Talk about ruining the big moment entirely.

If Sean knows what's good for him, he'll at least think about getting it on with his fiance now that there's a ring on her finger -- just to be on the safe side and make sure they're compatible in every way possible. If nothing else, at least that will give them time to work out the kinks a bit so they can at least enjoy their honeymoon.

Would you marry someone without having sex with them first?


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tuffy... tuffymama

Plenty of people marry as virgins. Why do you always seem so ridiculously and stupidly biased? Read before publishing.

nonmember avatar blue

Uh, yeah...I DID marry as a 100% virgin. I have been married 8 years now, and have zero complaints of our sex life.(For the record, neither does my husband.) How many people do you know who had plenty of sex before marriage, and their sex life sucks now? A lot, correct? OK then.

nonmember avatar Octoberbird

"How can you vow to spend the rest of your life with someone without taking them for a test drive first?"

Oh, so we're comparing people to cars now? What a biased article. You have to understand that different people have a different approach to sex and marriage. You can't speak for everyone.

nonmember avatar Sarah

My husband and I married before having sex and we have no complaints. It takes practice with any person to figure out which buttons need to be pushed. Whether they wait or not it will take practice for the both of them to figure what gets the other turned on.

Karma... KarmaGrant

While my ex and I didn't wait until marriage, our children are. My oldest (21) even went off on Facebook at those ridiculing his choice. My reply to him that his sex life (or lack of) is nobody's business.

And of course there's the chance that a bad "first time" will happen on the wedding night. Hell that can happen with any couple whenever they decide to take that plunge, not just on the wedding night. It doesn't mean the relationship will be crap. That's just an idiotic way to predict anything.

Liane... Lianetherider

I could never have married my husband without having sex first, but that certainly isn't the only acceptable way to do things (as your article implies)!

miche... micheledo

Don't knock it if you never tried it!!! Both virgins on our marriage night and sex is great! How can it not be? No opinions, no experiences, just learning, investigating, and having fun together. It can only get better!

Lynette Lynette

Both my DH and I were virgins when we got married.  14yrs of happily married with 4 children, life is good.  It's a beautiful thing to wait for marriage.

pitti... pittiesmom

This whole article seemed geared to both put down virgins and cheapen sex with your beloved. My dh and I have been married for over 6 years and we were both virgins. When a man and woman go into a marriage with a clean slate, they get to choose what to write on that slate. No hang ups, no expectations, just pure love and exploration. Just because so many out there are in line waiting to jump on the first guy who seems the least bit commited (or not) doesn't mean the ones who wait are worse off. We have the exclusive priviledge of being his one and only.

nonmember avatar lickty_split

My husband and I both waited until our wedding night and we have absolutely no regrets. We will be married five years this November and our sex life is fantastic! It is the height of stupidity to think that sex before marriage will make it "better". It takes time to figure out what the other likes, whether you're married or not and thinking that you MUST have sex first to be sure you get a good lover is an unintelligent way to choose a spouse.

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