Kim Kardashian Is a Victim of Divorce Bullying, According to Khloe

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kim kardashian dujourThere's no doubt about it: Ever since Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries split up after their notorious 72-day marriage, Kim's been the subject of a lot of ridicule and snickering. After what happened, it's hard to imagine how the public could have reacted any differently. And I'm sure there have been times when reactionary tongue-wagging has gone from critical to downright mean ... But has Kim Kardashian actually been bullied?! Idunthinkso!

Still, that's what sis Khloe said to DuJour magazine in an interview with the sisters. She said, "Kim never had to endure any bullying in her younger years. I think to be thrown into a lion’s den with everybody attacking her really hit her hard. It was very painful.” Ugh, really?

What Kim had to say for herself on the topic was slightly less like nails on a chalkboard ...

Going through a divorce for anybody is devastating and heartbreaking, and then to have to do it and feel like you have to explain what is happening is such an awkward thing. You have to explain your choice to millions of people, and then they’re disappointed. I’m disappointed. Why are they disappointed?

Look, I don't doubt for an instant that she's had to endure a world of pain since the split. I definitely sympathize with the fact that anyone would be beside themselves having to contend with not just a failed marriage, but the whole world ripping them for said failed marriage. Yes, she's been "attacked," but it's not the same thing as being bullied. Sorry, Khlo, but to call it that really dilutes what that word truly means. (There seems to be a lot of that going on these days unfortunately ...)

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We're not talking about someone defenseless or who is being verbally, publicly assaulted despite attempts to stay out of the spotlight. On the contrary, Kim consciously, decisively turned one of the most personal events in her life into a media circus. You can't do that, have it all blow up in your face, and then not expect a backlash. You want people to be engaged in what you're serving up, then you've gotta deal with them being engaged in good times and bad (ironic word choice?). And nasty remarks and attacks about the divorce are a side effect of that.

That said, I really do hope that the settlement comes soon, because I'm just not sure how much more of this Kardashian attacking or whining we can take anymore!

How do you feel about Khloe saying Kim's being "bullied" about her divorce?


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Shandi80 Shandi80

Being "bullied" is part of showbiz. Not everyone is going to fawn over you if you're famous. Such is life....poor little rich Kardashian.  :'(

bella... bellacazzate

The term "bully"  and all its derivatives grind my gears. 

dirty... dirtymoon

They chose the life? I'm thinking Mama Kris made them. I'm not a fan of the Kardash girls, or Jenner girls by any means, but Kim chose for the sex tape to be made, and i'm pretty sure she's not complaining from the fame that came after, she chose to date in the fame circle, she chose to have her marriage on tv (Or again, Mama Kris chose) but she did NOT chose the divorce or any negativity that came after (It takes 2 to tango). I'm sure she thought happily ever after and all that junk. So i can see where Khloe is coming from. 

1frog 1frog

"Divorce bullying?" Really? Is that their new word because 'frauded' was being bullied to much?

nonmember avatar Kim

I think that Kim is being bullied but not by the public. I think Khloe may have been hinting at the real perpetrator - Kris Humphries. Dude...just walk away. What a WHINER! I mean, KK picked to live her life in the public eye but he is the one who is continuing the madness hoping her 15 more fame minutes. What an idiot. No one deserves what he's dished out to her for over a year.

MrsCh... MrsChurch

Ugh STFU Khloe.

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