AshLee Frazier as Next ‘Bachelorette’? Thanks But No Thanks

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bachelor sean loweI don't know who's paying former Bachelorette contestant Arie Luyendyk, Jr. to say these outrageous things, but he needs to reel it in. He recently stated, like a crazy person, that he thinks the next Bachelorette should be Ashley Frazier. Oh, excuse me. Ashlee Frazier. Oh, no? It's AshLee Frazier? As if we needed another reason to think she's crazy.

I don't know about you guys, but AshLee gives me the creeps. She's so intense and so in love and so everything that I just want to be like, whoa, girl, slow your roll because you are coming across as certifiable right now.

But before we get into that, you gotta hear what Arie said about AshLee:

Five foster homes can affect someone’s sparkle, but AshLee is shining bright. If she gets sent home in the coming weeks, I’d love to see her as The Bachelorette. I can’t imagine a girl who'd deserve it more.

If Arie's use of the word "sparkle" didn't discredit him entirely, it's the fact that he's willing to give the season away to AshLee that should really do it for you.

All right, let's break it down. No way is AshLee going to win. Sean is pretty much just tolerating her at this point and he won't have a problem sending her home because he has zero feelings for her, which is why he kept her around to the final three, knowing full well it won't be difficult to cut her loose when the stakes are raised in Thailand.

AshLee kind of reminds me of Tenley from Jake Pavelka's season. They're both cloyingly sweet but have, like, zero "sparkle", to steal a word from Tierra and now Arie's lexicon. Tenley and AshLee both made the divorces they went through as like, infants, the biggest deal ever, when it's like, hello, that was 15 years ago, GET OVER IT.

AshLee's only hope for more airtime on ABC will be a spot on the Bachelor Pad. Tenley took that route and really reveled in that opportunity to make-out on camera. Maybe AshLee will do the same.

Because really, she's not fit to be the Bachelorette. Our only hope, now that Desiree's brother ruined her chances of ever being on TV ever again, is that Sean chooses Lindsay, leaving Catherine to be our awesome Bachelorette, or that Sean chooses Catherine, but she says no, then goes on to the Bachelorette for another chance at "finding love." Lindsay's just too immature to carry her own show.

It's Catherine or bust at this point. Or, if all else fails, I hear Emily Maynard's single and ready to mingle.

Who do you think should be the next Bachelorette: Lindsay, Catherine, or AshLee?


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knitt... knittykitty99

My opinion is that AshLee is sweet, smart, and mature.  And you are kinda mean.

Bizzy Biz

Desiree would be the most appropriate choice for the next Bachelorette

nonmember avatar Martha

I would love to see Des as the next bachelorette as long as her brother is in rehab or something and not a part of the meet the family episode.

Sophia Theodorou

That is so rude omg!!! Can not believe i just read that. I think ashlee or lindsay deserves to be the next bachelorette!

Shania Ellis

     Des'es    Brother    ruined   everything .  If   I    was  her  I   would   not   be    able   to   forgive   him .  He  was  such  a    jack     ....  s s .   

nonmember avatar Catherine

Definitely should be Desiree!! She would be the best by far!

Heather R Christensen

I think Ashlee and Sean have wonderful chemistry! I don't know what show you are watching! And Des does deserve to have a second chance, just send her brother overseas somewhere while it is all going on, so he doesn't ruin it for her again!

nonmember avatar Eli

The next bachelorette should be Lindsay, because he will choose Catherine :)

nonmember avatar Megan

Ughhhh, please not Lindsay! She's sooooo immature and she's not even the most popular. Des is. She should be the next bachelorette! Lindsay would turn a lot of people off.

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