'Bachelor' Finalist Catherine Giudici May Have Accidentally Revealed Who Wins (VIDEO)

I've been watching The Bachelor week after week, trying to figure out who Sean Lowe will eventually give his final rose to. And just when I thought I had it all figured out, finalist Catherine Guidici throws me a curveball. You won't believe what she said:

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TThe Bachelor's Catherine Giudici Hints She Falls for Sean in Thailand

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Who does Sean Lowe pick?

Who do you think Sean will choose?

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nonmember avatar Leah

I really hope he picks Lindsay.. :/

Anna Lie

Lindsay win!i just read today their wedding is in california were lindsay live now.i like catherine but thats sean choice.

Mary Grasso

my sister knows Lindsay's mom Lindsey isnt the one. he should have picked Ashlee. she was much more mature and ready for marragie than Catherine or Lindsay oh well we will see :)

LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

@ Anna: you need to start getting your spoilers at RealitySteve, so that you don't keep going around posting backward info. ABC was probably monitoring that interview and she has been well-coached on what to say to throw people off track.

Cheryl Bane Hicks

this is a tough one to figure out! but I feel like it may be lindsy! I think the letter he gets is from tasha or desi or maybe emily manyard

nonmember avatar mckenna

youre an idiot... catherine wins.

nonmember avatar Lisa

I hate the two left that he has to chose from. I thought he had the best chemistry with Dez and AshLee from the start. He only started with Catherine a couple weeks ago. Even after her home date he wasn't sure about their lives going in the right direction. He let Dez go because of her brother...what an idiot. On those three dates in Thailand Lindsey ate a bunch of gross stuff and fed monkeys on the beach. Her I Love You was weird. AshLee had to go through a pitch dark cave to get to a beach. And Catherine had to...oh yeah do nothing but enjoy the ride. Somethings off...

midje... midjet117

i figured it probably is lindsey because of the beach date in tiwan, If you pay attention they always show sean with a girl in the water when the sun is setting, that kinda looks like it happens to be taken from that date

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