'Snooki & JWOWW' Recap: Snooki Gets Drunk for the First Time After Pregnancy

SnookiTonight on Snooki & JWOWW, Jenni and Roger babysat little Lorenzo so that Snooki and Jionni could go out and rekindle some romance. It was a scene no one would have ever imagined, and if they had, they certainly wouldn't have imagined it going down as well as it did.

After much bickering since the baby and entertainment consisting of tasting various baby foods, it was time for them to have some alone time. Jenni was more than happy to step in for some baby time, and Roger came along for the ride. Jenni told them to go out, have a good time, and to get drunk.

So that's just what Snooki did ... only it wasn't that easy.


She supposedly hadn't had even a sip of wine in more than nine months. So when she had that very first taste of her favorite, you would have thought she would be in heaven. Instead, she let out a big, "ewwww." Not exactly what we'd expect from our former party girl.

Seems like her taste buds had changed, and it didn't have the same appealing taste it once did. Of course, that didn't stop Snooki. She wanted to feel giggly, so she kept gulping, making pained faces all the while. And giggly she got.

"She's back!" Jionni proclaimed. It was pretty tame really, and I'd say she was more tipsy than drunk, but still I'm sure it felt good for her to just let loose a little after all that time.

Meanwhile, Jenni and Roger seemed to be getting along just great with Lorenzo, who is ridiculously adorable. While Roger was napping, Jenni seemed totally at ease playing with and marveling at him. I'm sure she was imagining herself with her own baby some day.

That certainly seems to be the road down which they're headed. Roger was making calls about engagement rings, and while I don't know what's up with the big trick he has planned, hopefully we'll see him pop the question soon.

Were you surprised by Snooki's reaction to her first drink after pregnancy?


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