The Most Hated Kardashian Deserves the Honor & Then Some

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Rob Kardashian Given the level of fame Kim Kardashian has risen to, she's gotta expect that -- to some extent -- she's going to be trashed by media critics, other stars, complete strangers, etc. But when she's being raked over the coals by her own brother, whoa, now, that's where the woman has to draw the line. And thankfully, she did, on this week's episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami.

Rob Kardashian -- who, somehow, seems to fly under the radar just enough to get away with being a complete tool -- was going through a rough time, because he was getting over a tough breakup with Brit pop star Rita Ora. But apparently, he wasn't so heartbroken that he couldn't ask Kim to ask Kanye to record a song with a friend of his ... who may or may not be a girl he hooked up with. Eww. Of course Kim said no, and that's when Rob flipped out on and threatened his sis!

He texted her, "I hope your sex tape haunts you for the rest of your life. And I'm going to publicly bash you and Kanye."

What. A. *@#$&(*! Wow.

Don't get me wrong -- I know what it's like to be irate with a family member, a sibling specifically. I know how it's possible for your inner most horrible person to be unleashed when you're raging out on them. But who the heck does he think he is to threaten his older sis like that? That's just ... beyond.

Not to mention that the kid should be kissing the ground Kim walks on. Sure, he was on Dancing With the Stars for 0.2 seconds and appears on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but does anyone really care about Rob? Would anyone even know who he was if it wasn't for his sisters -- most specifically, Kim? Pfft, NO! 

Come to think of it ... We love to hate the Kardashian sisters -- and their mother -- for various reasons, and we often frown upon what they stand for and what they reflect back to us as a society, but man, seems to me we've pinpointed the truly most loathsome Kardashian by far ... ROB! 

It should be said, however, that the kid realized the error of his ways. He apologized to Kim and claimed he said what he said, “Just because I was being mean and angry.” Still, no excuse! If Rob knows what's best for his "career" -- and the careers of any of his hookups -- he'll never speak to Kim or any of his sisters like that again.

Are you appalled by Rob's behavior? Do you think he should be grateful to Kim?


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Pinkmani Pinkmani

When he wanted help launching a career, Kim knocked down every idea he had and told him he would never accomplish anything because he's a loser. His mother told him that she was too busy helping the girls with their careers. 

All I'm saying is Rob is almost always left out, and this will backfire on Kris Jenner.

nonmember avatar Cookster

Kim and her mom have always treated Rob like
crap. I think he has had enough. I've heard
the way they speak to him. Disgraceful!!!

bills... billsfan1104

I agree with Pink. He might be a tool, but Kim and Kris treat him like crap, like he is not worth anything.

kaybe... kaybear123

Wow! Who are you to judge because of what you heard on a show or online? You don't know his personal life at all!

nonmember avatar Ashley

I love the kardashians but none of them would be famous if it was for their dad. They are blessed an they should never take the life they have now for granted.

Texas... TexasGirl512

Sorry kaybear123 but he's a Kardashian. They put EVERYTHING about their personal lives on their show. So yes, we can judge them!

kelti... kelticmom

Kim and her mom are harsh on him, buy let's look at his track record: since he's graduated from college he hasn't held a job or gotten a home of his own. Kim actually got him a job in one of the first seasons, working for a men's skin care line, but he blew that. He worked for a talent agent - blew that too. He showed up for a business meeting in sweats. He lives of Khloe and Lamar, Kim was actually giving him an allowance at one point. The blow up with Kim and Kris came when he wanted them to use their contacts to start him a men's clothing line. Those girls worked their butts off to start their Dash stores and get their product lines going, and he wanted to sit back and have his name put on something he didn't work for. I don't blame them. This boy is a bum with a bad temper problem, and I think everyone is sick of catering to him.

nonmember avatar sarah

i'm with kelticmom. also didnt he blow off an interview that kourtney got for him because the job was beneath him? boy needs to realize that a leach he is and do something real with his life. what happened to him going to law school? make your own way in life robbie, not piggy back on your sisters.

Misslie Misslie

That entire family just needs to get off the media. I would love if everythinh was about the Jenners instead of Kardashians! Much better and respected family. (Minus kris) 

Misslie Misslie

Everything * 

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