Kristen Stewart May Be Sabotaging Her Future With Robert Pattinson

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kristen stewartIt's impossible to keep tabs on Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart these days. They're on, they're off. One minute, they're going to concerts and flirting with other people, and the next, they're getting their sext and Skype strip sessions. It's enough to make your head spin.

Now, according to The Sun, Kristen has been calling Rob "constantly" while he's been in Australia, despite his silence. Supposedly, he hasn't been reaching out to her at all -- not even on Valentine's Day. Thus, she's "keener than ever ... to get their relationship back on track." Suuuure.

I would say we should definitely take this one with a grain of salt, but I wouldn't be surprised if Rob being harder to get than usual would send KStew on a supercharged downward spiral of blinding jealousy. She just strikes me as an uber-competitive. (Though, maybe that's just because I know she's an Aries.)

And if she thinks someone else -- be it Liberty Ross or some hot Australian model or another actress, etc. -- is vying for Rob's attention, maybe she is calling him nonstop. But if so, that's precisely when she SHOULDN'T be calling.

I've known couples who were at a crossroads in their relationship like these two, and there was some one-sided confusion from the guy about whether or not he wanted to keep on keepin' on or pursue someone else. Instead of calling nonstop, giving him all the space in the world he needed to figure that out was the smartest move the girl could make to get the answer she desired. The lesson: If he's actually into you, he'll miss you enough to track you down. To call you "constantly" until he knows you're his.

Call it playing games, but sometimes, in the beginning, you've gotta play to win. And if KStew is really hoping to keep her relationship with Rob afloat, hanging up and walking away -- at least for the time being --  is probably what will serve her best in the long-run.

Do you agree it's better not to call at all when you're unsure of where you stand in a relationship?


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nicol... nicolemead91

i would call but not to the point that it would be annoying! i mean ok if im calling my man and hes not answering for days and days then im prolly gonna get a lil worried..but idk i wouldnt be blowing up his phone ALL day.. and i doubt that shes even doing that anyway. this is a dumb story. like really? im sure rob and kristen are okay. 

Lisa May

kristen needs togo on with her life and if Robs not sure about what he wants why wait life is to short. if she fines someone who makes her happen then its his loss.

nonmember avatar Colleen

Oh brother - the guy is working - do you really think she could call him continuously while he is working. Where are your brains

Carol Turgeon Lamprey

If I called my husband all the time while he's at work, it would drive him insane! LeaveRob alone Kristen. Let the guy make his movie. If your relationship is on hold, but dont let your personal life be! Go out with friends, family, and enjoy some alone time,too. And if Rob really wants to be with you, he will. Your relationship reminds me of "FatalAtraction!"

Michelle Landen

to even address your silly assertions would mean I believe them...all made up stories answering each others lies and bullshit.....get real they are fine...

Jennifer Johnson

another article from this site had stated that Kristen was with Rob in Austraila for valentines day , now ther're saying he didn't even call her .. leave ppl alone , their normal human, just cause their famous don't change that .. geeze

Alishia Moore-Taylor

geez.i dont believe any of this...rob and kristen are fine...people just like to start things that aint true!

Tonya Thompson

a bunch of bullshit i don't believe any ofthis they are the perfect couple and it's their choice to do what they want,leave em alone like all the other comments say find something actually true to write about, the only people that would agree on this story is jealous girls or men haha.

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