'50 Shades' Writer Says She Doesn’t Want This Sexy Star to Play Christian

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messy bedsheetsI'm getting tired contemplating the perfect candidates for Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. One second, Ian Somerhalder totally has the part. The next, he's too busy to commit. Then I get riled up when Channing Tatum's name gets thrown into the ring and start thinking of who should play the Anastasia to his Christian (answer: anyone BUT his wife!). Exhale: so many hunks, so many possibilities.

Well apparently E.L. James, who has been heavily involved in the casting process, believes that one top Christian candidate (and a sexy one at that) is most definitely out of the running. As in he wouldn't get a first, second, or even third look as an option.

Woof. See what man she's talking about here:

Chace Crawford.

I KNOW! I'm actually pretty surprised by this, to be real. Chace totally has the sex appeal and the look down to play Christian. Plus, he doesn't look so bad with his shirt off -- so there's that. Oh, and there's the whole schpeel where the Gossip Girl actor also said he was interested in the part. Come ON, E.L.!

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I will say this: Hopefully the fact that the Fifty Shades author knows who she doesn't want to play the part means that casting directors really are narrowing down the field of potential actors. It's only a matter of time!

Could you see Chace as Christian? Do you have a favorite actor picked out?


Image via The Stir

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nicol... nicolemead91

It sucks Channing isnt  ''ALLOWED"  to play Christian unless his wife gets Anastasias part. How selfish is Jenna Dewan to tell this to her husband. Hes an actor. Actors act, its not like he would be actually having sex.. 

nonmember avatar mm

I'm curious to see how they even attempt a screenplay for this movie that is not a p*rn......I'm betting the actors are curious too. I'm not sure id even want my favorite actors to even participate if that's the way it turns out. On that same note..without the p*rn, I'm betting the movie will be pretty darn boring anyway. Sorry ladies.

Lauren Day Barss

I think she should look into Jensen Ackles. He is by far very sex and then find someone to go with him. I think Emma Stone would be great. And the movie won't be boring as long as she finds the right people for it.

Madison Floyd

@ nicolemead91...his wife didnt say. channing tatum said that about a month ago. an article like this popped up and he was quoted saying if offered the role he wouldnt do it unless his wife could play anastasia. so it wasnt here, it was him

Claire Walmsley

Chace CAN be in this movie...as Ethan :)

Melissa Douglass

I believe Tanning should play Christian Gray he is perfect for the part he fits the part exactly

Dina N Michael Scalia

I dont like E.L or Jensen fo rthe part.i would totally dig channing but i dont blame his wife for not wanting him to play it.I personally could never be married to an actor knowing what they'd be acting out.Good luck narrowing down the perfect pair.

Vicki Knapp

First of all,  NO Way, should Chance be Christian Grey, does not fit the part.  I agree he might make a great Ethan or Elliott, but really, only one Guy for me to play this part;  Ian Somerhalder.  Just my humble opinion and avid fan of the books. 

nonmember avatar Michelle

I fully agree with James on this. Chase Crawford would be like a high school version of the book. We need a young actor that can look like a guy who runs a billion dollar business -

Jensen is good looking and so is Tatum; but neither of them fit the part. Being good looking is not all this role needs. The names that pop up as fan favorites are sometimes so far fetched. The look of CG needs to be a fit -

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