Latest '50 Shades of Grey' Casting Rumor Makes Us Wonder If the Movie Will Ever Actually Happen

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Alex PettyferI never really imagined I'd be saying this, but I'm starting to get a little sick and tired of the zillions of Fifty Shades of Grey movie casting rumors that are floating around out there. It seems like with each passing day, new names pop up as contenders to play Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey -- yet we don't appear to be any closer to the roles actually being cast.

Take the latest Fifty Shades rumor, for example. Magic Mike star Alex Pettyfer could be a possible Christian now that one website, Enstarz, is giving him a nod for being a good fit for the role. (Wait a minute. Isn't he the dude who went all nuts on Dianna Agron after they broke up? Am I imagining that?)

I'm going to go ahead and go out on a limb and say Alex probably has about a zero percent chance of actually being cast as Christian, but then again, who knows? He is good looking -- but so are the dozen or so other guys whose names have been dropped for the part.

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Think about it for a second -- it's like there's really no criteria for who is and who is not suitable to play Christian and Ana besides the looks factor. Christian has to be handsome, and Ana has to be brunette. That's it. And guess what? There are hundreds of actors and actresses who fit those descriptions, so at this point, pretty much anyone has a shot at being part of the film.

Heck, maybe you don't even have to be in showbiz to have a chance at snagging one of these parts. Maybe I should dye my hair dark brown and tweet something about wanting to play Anastasia Steele and see how many websites pick me up as an unknown contender by the next morning. (But I only want the role if Ian Somerhalder plays Christian. Ok, I guess I'll consider playing opposite Channing Tatum too.)

Seriously, at the rate we're going, they're never going to cast this flick. And if and when they do finally settle on a Christian and Ana, Fifty Shades will probably be yesterday's news and no one will even care anymore.

Why do you think the casting is dragging on like this?


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Mocha... MochaCocoaBean

OMG, Stir. GIVE. IT. UP. I have seen so many speculation articles that I never want to read the words "50 Shades of Grey Movie" ever, ever again. Ever.

Heather Smith

I second that. This movie could NEVER be as good as the book and if it were it would have to be x-rated and would never be able to go to an actual movie theater. We all saw the story in our heads and we all know that for that movie to happen it would be out and out porn. While I'm not opposed to that, the general consensus will never let it happen. Basically, if this movie were to go on and only get an R rating, it would be just like Nip/Tuck. Which isn't good enough for what the book was.

Roseane Owen

I am not so sure about that,, i've read many books, and when the movie came out it was very good,  I believe that its dragging on because the one that they really wants has prior obligations, and now they really need to look for the perfect one,. i still say that matt bomer is a good fit, but he really is not tall enough. what about Jason Lewis, from (sex and the city) he is really good looking. and he might be a good fit.

nonmember avatar Megan

couldn't agree more!

Katelyn Jacobsen

maybe alex can play elliot just saying!!!

Samantha Nicole Wright

You can't cast a movie before a script is even written. Everyone who really is interested in this movie knows that it's at least 2-3 years from theaters. They just got the producer and writer a few months ago. There isn't even a director lined up yet. So many things still have to happen before the casting process is even remotely able to get started. So calm down.

tigge... tigger9280

Wow Heather you are truly spot on. I am just going to continue reading the series though because while the thought of a movie is seems exciting, I just do not see it happening. Jamesv was suposed to do a 4th fri m Christian's POV, Ya, where is that?

Annie... Anniegrace

i actually agree with you. I think Alex definitely has the right look, but he's too young, and I'm so tired of all these new peeps popping up everyday as a potential candidate. It's like anyone and everyone in Hollywood is a contender. There is so much more than Christian just being good looking, and Ana being a brunette. The author gave us a pretty good description of both characters in the book and if they just stuck to who ACTUALLY looks like the character we wouldn't have all this other nonsense. For example, I GET why Henry Cavil is a top choice - he's the right age, looks very much looks the part and can pull off the persona and has the vibe. I GET why Emilia Clarke and Felicity Jones are top choices for Ana because they have a lot of the physical qualities, not just one or two, and are incredible young actresses that can handle a risque role. But not that long ago it seemed to be more about that, and now it's like every single person is suddenly being reported on and i'm just getting annoyed now and am so close to just dropping out from the Fifty Shades film fan club. 

Natasha L Books

I wish they'd hurry up with casting and get the film started. They've been saying their in the EARLY stages of it and that's been since like last summer when I read all 3 books. 

Eleni Cirmirakis

Ian Somerhalder would be the best Christian Grey and Emma Stone has perfectly matching beauty to play the role of Anastasia Steele. That\s my opinion. Ian has beautiful grey eyes and THAT kind of sexapil whitch is needed in this story, Emma is simply beautiful and young enough to be Anastasia.

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