'RHOBH' Adrienne Maloof Wants Off the Show & We're Praying With Brandi Glanville That It Happens

Adrienne MaloofOn the heels of news that Taylor Armstrong may be getting the axe from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, comes another big bomb. It seems like one way or another Adrienne Maloof may be leaving the show too with only the furniture stains left by her spray tan left to remember her by. 

While there have been rumors that Bravo doesn't want her back, according to TMZ, Adrienne can't get her Maloof hoofs out of there quickly enough either. A source says she believes the "intrusiveness" of the show has "ruined" her family. Which is crap, because if you don't act like a lying hypocrite then a little intrusiveness shouldn't be a problem. But as we know, Adrienne loves to pass the blame. 

We can't blame her for wanting out, however.

Really, she would be insane for wanting to stay. This season has taken her from a mildly annoying/boring addition to the show to one of the most detested Housewives of all time. She certainly doesn't need the money, so why would she stay? The hopes of her redeeming herself seem pretty slim, so it's really in her best interest to leave. She may be mean, but she's not dumb. 

Guess who is praying this news is true and that Adrienne won't be back for another seasons (besides most viewers)? Brandi Glanville, of course, who has been the target of much of Adrienne's ugliness. So when TMZ asked Brandi what she thought about the possibility of Adrienne leaving the show, she held up her crossed fingers. Seems like they may finally agree on something.

Of course, Adrienne's departure would be a little bittersweet.  I loathe her as much as the next viewer, but it's always great to have a villain. And if rumors are true that Penny Lancaster, stepmother of Adrienne's new baby beau, are true, then that could definitely be fun to watch. So as much as I think she needs to go, there's a small part that wishes she'd just stay for the fun of it.

Do you want to see Adrienne Maloof leave RHOBH?


Image via Bravo

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Joanne Hester

I will not be sad to see Adrienne leave. I liked her in the beginning I thought she was nice little by little things started to change, she turned on Lisa and that was brutal. It seemed to me she was worried about her image and then she turned mean. I do wish her the best and I hope her children grow up happy and healthy!

Linda Lopez

I will also not miss Adrienne or her husband.  As for Taylor, I have never been able to figure that woman out.  She is strange. I feel bad about what her husband did to her, but now she seems stranger than ever.  I would also like to seem Kim go.


Irene Piecora

I would like to say Goodbye to Adrienne and Brandi, they both have acted like total idiots this season. One question - has Brandi always complained about money or is this season just tighter than the last??

Penny Reeder Thomas

Not a fan of Brandi, she swears too much and really doesn't add to the show unless you call exposing Adrianne's secret, which by the way, if I were friends with Brandi I would keep my secrets to myself.

Joan Carleton

please get rid brandi lisa better watch brandi with her husband she will take him

ARK0501 ARK0501

Psh. Ken's not leaving Lisa for ANYONE. He worships her. 

nonmember avatar Susan

Adrienne should go. I think she probably needs to tend to their kids more. Brandi has overstayed her welcome as well. I get tired of the "f bomb" every ten seconds. She needs to elevate from the trailer trash level. And Taylor, who "lost" her child in the last episode, needs to adios as well. The rest are interesting. I'd love to see Camille return. But they all need to watch out for Lisa. She is very cunning.

Kristy Ann

"Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya"! and Trex and chubby  are  the worst, follwed by Aviva, and 3 of the ny cast that got their walking papers in the past oh I forgot Be gone with the wind, what's her facefrustrated! BYE BYE!

nonmember avatar susan

Send brandi away .you can take the person out of the trash but you cant take the trash out of the person.

Santafe Robertson

brandi stay's she good t,v. adrlenne leave's tw0 faced klye go's as well.

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