'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry & Husband Show Off Their Wedding Bands (PHOTO)

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Kailyn Lowry & Javi MarroquinIt's gotta be rough for Kailyn Lowry right now. The Teen Mom star is reliving her horrible relationship with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera with the premiere of Teen Mom 2 season 4. Combine that with the fact that her husband Javi Marroquin is leaving for another three months of tech training for the Air Force, and man she's gotta be emotionally spent. At least she has her son Isaac to lean on, right?

Kailyn and Javi got to spend some time together before his lengthy trip away from home over Valentine's Day, and lucky for us, posted the ultimate photo showing their commitment for each other. Something tells me that they're gonna be just fine.

Check it out, here:

Kailyn Lowry & Javi Marroquin's wedding bands

Yup, those are their wedding bands and man -- are they boasting some serious bling or WHAT?! I wouldn't mind toting around something like that on my ring finger, I just need the right guy to give me one. Small obstacle.

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I've done the whole long distance thing before and yes -- it's hard. It's clear to me, though, that Kailyn and Javi have built such a strong relationship and now more than ever are just head over heels in love. Just the other day, Javi tweeted how happy he is about their "growing family," and how fortunate he feels to have Kailyn by his side. I won't jump the gun and assume that Kailyn has another bun in the oven, but I will say that jeez he's cute. Trust me, Kailyn, these three months will fly by!

Have you ever done long distance? What do you think of Kailyn and Javi's rings?


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ms_da... ms_danielle_j

I'm happy for her and hope that her marriage is happy and blessed. She seems to be a great girl!

nonmember avatar so over the bs

These girls r so dumb. The main reason why these guys r marrying them is to capitalize on their 15 minutes of shame. I WON'T be surprised in 5 yrs when mtv does an update, how quickly the boys leave when the cameras stop rolling.

Jackie Contreras

yes but it didnt last long....but i hope it works out for them.

nonmember avatar jennifer

I think they are all moving way too fast. Oh and Kail and I have the same engagement ring:) I wish the girls would all just slow down.

nonmember avatar tularam

I want join with u

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