'Kourtney & Kim Take Miami' Recap: Kourtney Slaps Jonathan Cheban

kourtney kardashianLast night, one of those random, not-on-the-day-and-time it's-supposed-to-be episodes of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami aired. And by happy accident, I caught it. (One of the many perks to having the TV permanently tuned to E!)

Throughout the episode, Kim complained to her not-so-secret admirer Jonathan Cheban that Kourtney has been shirking her Kardashian duties, leaving she and Khloe to pick up the slack (there was even a scene in which Kim and Khloe were giving a radio interview and Kim pretended to be Kourtney [who wasn't there], saying "I have to go breastfeed Penelope now.").

But things came to a head when Jonathan full-on verbally attacked Kourtney, calling her a "bitch" who's been "pregnant for four years" and who would be "nothing without Kim" among other things. And, Kourtney, not appreciating Cheeban's Kim-obsessed words, slapped him.

While I question the authenticity of the fight and the slap, being that they were all laughing while they were arguing (and being that it was an episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami), Kourtney was definitely out of line. Mama needs to learn to control her anger. Buuuut, at the same time, Jonathan needs to mind his business. Dude was out of control. Who gets involved in a family argument like that? He said some incredibly nasty things to Kourtney! And could he possibly be more in love with Kim? There's no way that man doesn't have a mini Kim K doll who's hair he washes and braids every night.

Then, in other news, Kim got rid of her unsettlingly cute cat, Mercy, due to allergies. (RIP little buddy.) She sneezed when she was around him once, so clearly she was highly allergic. She gave the little kitty to Khloe's assistant, who apparently just lost a cat of her own and is a huge animal-lover. Smart choice.

In the end, Kourtney and Jonathan resolved their issues and everything is as it should be in Miami. But if that fight wasn't fabricated for TV, I can't imagine those two will ever forget the nasty digs they each took. Shit got real ya'll. (Maybe.)

What did you think of Jonathan getting involved in Kim and Kourtney's fight?

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nonmember avatar Amy

If some guy calls me a bitch, he will be getting slapped. That is all.

Melan... MelanieJK

 I'd like to see someone haul off and bitch slap them all... for "real".     The shows are a bore,   it's the gossip it generates that keeps them going.               

abra819 abra819

Amy.....assault charge....bitch

nonmember avatar Amy

Abra819, have a seat. Perhaps you think it is okay for a man to talk to a woman that way. I, however, do not. If it requires me getting an assault charge to put him in his place than so be it. And don't call me a bitch . You sound like trash.

Marcy Sofer

kourtney is a cranky smelly know it all. her whiney voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard. everything jonathan said was true. but it waSNT HIS PLACE TO MIX IN.

nonmember avatar Blanche

Jonathon was right on everything i know it wasnt his place but someone needed to step up and tell it how it is!!!

KAV1970 KAV1970

I would have slapped the little bitch too. Unless he's part of the family, which clearly he isn't, he needs to keep him mouth shut. And no, I wouldn't have apologized because he deserved it.

nonmember avatar Tina Zerbo

This is why we tune in to the show. Rich, hot women with their drama filled lives! These two women are the best at their game.

Kathryn Daly Adams

My irritation right now is with Kim and Khloe. They have NO CLUE what Kourtney is going through with 2 children. They say she is acting spoiled and not doing her part. They should be supporting Kourtney for wanting to be a good mom and spend time with her kids. Cut her some slack. She is acting responsible. Kim and Khloe should be ashamed of themselves.....and Jonathon is self centered and he annoys me. clearly not his business. They all need to have some babies. Priorities change. You go from....me,me,me mentality to putting children above your needs. I have the best sister in the world. We supported each other through child rearing years....Maybe Kourtney should take a leave if it is too much. You really can't have it all unless she just wants to turn the kids over to nannies....and then what is the point.

nonmember avatar lillyeileen

I think Jonathan and Kourtney are both right on each other. What does Jonathan do in the first place besides being Kim's bff? Kourtney just gets knocked up and try's to control Scott every second she gets,the guy does one little thing and omg he's in the dog house,I can see why he drinks! The more you control a man the more they want to run for the hills, its 50/50 not 100/20. Slapping someone in the face for being called a the B-word is pretty damn dumb and uncalled for he could have said worse to ask for a slap in the face. Good job on TV-Ratings for this episode Kris Jenner.

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