'Bachelor' Recap: Sean Lowe's Hometown Dates Are Every Bachelor's Worst Nightmare

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Wow. Um -- in the entire history of The Bachelor, have you ever seen a dude go on four hometown dates and have them ALL be somewhat awkward before? Yeah, poor Sean Lowe had to deal with some seriously skeptical and judgemental families tonight. Like -- skeptical and judgemental to the point that there's probably no way in hell Sean can possibly picture holidays with them for the next 40 or however many years. (Run, Sean. RUN. Trust me. R-U-N!)

Honestly, Sean is probably better off just rejecting all four ladies and trying his luck on Bachelor Pad at this point. Because none of the remaining women's families seem too keen on having him propose to their daughter, sister, etc.

Ok, so AshLee and Lindsay's families were both fairly welcoming, or at least they didn't make Sean feel like chewed up gum on the bottom of their shoes. If nothing else, at least by the end of their respective hometown dates, they warmed up to the idea of him winding up marrying their pride and joy.

But Catherine and Desiree? What the hell? Um, after seeing how hard Catherine's sisters were on her in regards to her feelings for Sean, I'm glad I'm an only child. They're hard core. And not in a good way.

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And seriously, do I even need to comment on Desiree's brother? He's an ass. In every sense of the word. He looks like one. He talks like one. And the fact that he couldn't suck up his pride and at least be pleasant and respectful to Sean for the sake of his sister's happiness makes me feel sorry for whoever HE winds up marrying one day.

Which brings us to tonight's rose ceremony, which was anything but easy and routine. I knew it would ultimately come down to Catherine and Des, and I wasn't the least bit shocked when Sean kicked Des to the curb. And yes, she has her idiot bro to thank for that. (Next time, keep your siblings in a cage, honey.)

Ugh. This HAS to be about the most frustrating season of The Bachelor ever. And I'm still not sure who I want Sean to end up with -- if any of the three remaining women are even right for him.

Who are you rooting for? Lindsay, Catherine, or AshLee?


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2rcom4t 2rcom4t

Excuse ME but he's not marring  her brother!!!!! Sean judged Desiree by her brothers actions SPEAKS VALUIM about him!!! He's not the man I would want if he allowed any one of my family to influence his decision.  Thats not LOVE that a Frickin GAME SHOW!!!!!!!







KAV1970 KAV1970

So I HATE this show, but my husband likes to watch. It isn't Sean that needs to run, run, run.....The girls need to find the fastest car they can & get the hell out of Dodge!!!!!!! They need to get as far away from this faker as they can & find a guy that's actually into THEM & NOT THE FAME. The brother called it right & I'm glad at least one person spoke up & called him out for his douch-baggery.

And what was up with Catherine's sisters completely sabotaging her & throwing her under the bus??? Can you say jealous much????? I would be completely pissed at my sisters if they did that.

Renee Froais

Even so If he chose Desire he would have to deal with her smart ass idiot brother all the time butting into there business. Who wants the drama? Nobody does.

prinz... prinzesa_edith

i really liked dez, and was sad to see her go. as much as her brother was an ass, he was right, because who ever stops lovin you because of your brother, was never really in love wih you in the first place.

nonmember avatar Michele

I have to agree with the other view. I wish Sean wouldn't have let Dez's bro ruin it for him. I know it would be a pain, but I think her brother would come around after seeing how he treats her sister after a while. If interested in seeing a spoof of the tell all check this out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtMJj0-vU0o

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