'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: White Lies & Hypocrisy Aplenty

Adrienne Maloof and Paul NassifI'm going to start tonight by asking the same question I asked last week after watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: What the hell is wrong with Taylor Armstrong? Tonight, in addition to trying to stir up drama wherever she goes, she called Kim Richards to tell her she couldn't make her big new nose unveiling party because she'd fallen in love in the last 48 hours and was heading off to Beaver Creek with the guy. Right then.

Okay, abrupt, but it would have been chalked up to whatever, except for one big issue -- her daughter was with Kyle Richards, and Taylor (who sounded mighty tipsy) had no clue. So here she was boarding a plane, and she had no idea where her daughter was? If that's not indicative of a problem, I don't know what is.

Previews for next week show Kim confronting Taylor and telling her she thinks she has a problem with alcohol. It will be interesting to see how that goes, but perhaps even more so to see what Kim's problem is as she appears pretty wasted herself. Can't wait to see what happens there.

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The big drama tonight, however, was saved for Kyle's annual White Party. True to tradition, it didn't disappoint in the drama department. It was right on the heels of last week's confrontation between Brandi Glanville and Adrienne Maloof -- you know that one in which Adrienne denied that she or her lawyers sent Brandi ANYTHYING.

Funny thing, it turns out they did. They didn't sue her, no, but they did send her a threatening letter. "Was she warned? Yes!" Paul said. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but did Adrienne not deny anything of that sort last week? To make matters worse, they wouldn't even acknowledge that there were any similarities between this whole thing and what happened last year when Taylor and Russell Armstrong were booted from the party because they'd sent a similar letter to Camille Grammer. Friends don't sue friends unless you're Paul and Adrienne apparently.

Kyle Richards really should have stood up for Brandi (and Taylor in a sense) and asked them to leave when they admitted that they had sent Brandi a threatening letter. But, of course, she didn't do that. It was just one big glass of hypocrisy, and she was serving it up and pretending to be baffled by the whole thing.

Ken Todd made a great suggestion that Paul and Adrienne should pay Brandi's legal bill since they sent the letter. What a nice olive branch that would be, no? That $10,000 is a mere drop in one of their solid gold buckets. Of course, they won't, but it's a nice thought. A  much nicer thought I might add than that of Adrienne's horrific spray tan that leaves a disgusting trail wherever she goes (SO glad Lisa let her know about that.). Ken also gets props for the best comment of the night, when Paul and Adrienne brought up the "Maloof Hoof" comment Lisa made and were moaning on about how it hurt their product. "That made your shoe," Ken said. Bam.

So I guess things are settled on that front, as much as they're going to get settled anyway. At least we all got a really good look at Paul and Adrienne's true colors (fake tan aside), and if rumors are right, then Adrienne won't be back next season anyway, and neither will Taylor. Good riddance I say. Now if they could just take the ever-present and always annoying Faye Resnick with them too, that would be even better. 

Do you think Kyle should have asked Paul and Adrienne to leave because of the letter they sent Brandi? Can you believe Taylor Armstrong? 


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Linda Rizio Boyle

More importantly....I want to know what the heck really happened between Paul and Adrienne that from the time of this filming until now they separated, divorce and are both dating younger people. They don't look anything like a couple on the verge of a divorce in this show.

nonmember avatar Kate

Firstly, a Cease and Desist letter IS a threat of impending litigation.
It requires a serious legally researched written response from a litigation team, a plan, and a draft of a counter suit.

It's quite obvious Adrienne lied to her husband about ordering their attorney to mail the threat of litigation to Glanville. She cagily responds, "she has never seen a letter".

It is also obvious that Paul was unaware that Adrienne and Bernie, her employee, were selling lies about Glanville to the tabloids. A horrific practice during her custody issues, calling her unfit mother and addict.

Paul has since divorced her and is suing Bernie for exactly what Brandi contends was done to her on this episode.

Paul has also PUBLICLY apologized to Brandi and sought both her forgiveness and friendship.

Joanne Hester

You know Linda I was wondering that too. They don't seem to be bickering as much maybe that was a bad sign. Kyle probably should of asked them to leave.  I really didn't like the disrespect they show Ken. He is a true gentleman and has real class, he is older and very much wiser than Paul or Mauricio they could learn from him.

Joanne Hester

Thank you Kate! Good for Paul!  Adrienne shame on you!

Laura Jaime Hamner

I agree that they should have been booted form the white party. However, money talks and Mauricio stands behind the ones who can buy property. I wish they would boot Kyle along with Tyler and Adrienne. Without Kim she has no story line and I'm tired of watching she and Taylor tring to make themselves relevant to any story line.

Denise Caudill

I think that Taylor and Kim both will be heading to AA real soon and as for Paul and Adrienne they both need to grow the hell up and stop their lying. Adrienne stated last week that there was NEVER a letter sent to Brandy!! Now this week they say yes there was a letter sent to her. They are a joke. All the money they have and they still look like trash!!

JeaneMarie Newton-Hall

Lisa should send a bill to Adrienne for the cleaning of her furniture just on principle alone.


Kim Cutlip

With all the money Adrienne has she cant get a spray tan that doesnt rub off sounds a little weird and yes since Lisa bro0ught it to her attention she should pay for the cleaning and or replacement who does that gets a spray tan that rubs off

As far as Brandy goes she still needs to control what she says and when she says it That is real class not the follow up she gave with this is the f--------USA she needs to grow up although with what has come out since these shows have been aired I have seen another side of Adrienne that Im not liking this whole show is going down the tubes and needs to just go the way of DC housewives it has run its course unless you get a whole new cast

nonmember avatar Ashley

I always have a spray tan and have never had it rub off on furniture. Some of my bra bands are tinted slightly but they are tight against my skin for hours. WTH kind of tanner is she using? I think she's mistaking body makeup for tanner.

Serab... Serabelle

Taylor told her nanny to take Kennedy to her mothers house, they were supposed to drop by Kyle's for Kennedy's iPad, then head to grandmas for the weekend, so when Kyle told her she had Kennedy, she was understandably confulsed. If I told my Nanny to take my child somewhere, and then found out they left her somewhere else I would fire the nanny. I don't care if Kyle and Taylor are good friends, someone needed to notifiy Taylor that her nanny didn't do what she was getting paid to do. PS, I would rather go to Beaver Creek than Kim's plastic surgery party too! And since her daugher was supposed to be at her mothers house spending the weekend, no Taylor was not being irresponsible, the nanny was, and so was Kyle.

As for Brandi, she's right, this is the f'ing USA, and we can say whatever we want, as long as it is true, and she hadn't signed a non-disclosure agreement. If you don't want your business out there, don't tell people! Brandi and Adrienne were aquantices before the show, according to Brandi's book, not good friends, so clearly this wasn's some closely guarded secret. Also, Adrienne has never stood up for Brandi, not last season when the Richard sisters were out for blood for no reason, so why should Brandi have any loyalty to her? I hope that horrible woman is off the show. She's boring, and nasty! Team Brandi all the way! I also don't have an issue with Brandi's mouth, where I'm from, everyone cusses all the time.

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