Rita Ora Shouldn't Have Asked Rob Kardashian to Hide Their Relationship

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Rob Kardashian & Rita Ora
Rob Kardashian & Rita Ora
Last night on Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, there was all this drama with Rob Kardashian and his mysterious ex-girlfriend. Throughout the whole episode, this enigmatic woman Rob was dating was never mentioned by name -- but there was some super harsh things said about her. And Rob, as you saw if you watched the show, was super banged up about the split, taking to Twitter to vent his frustrations klassic Kardashian-style.

Of course, we all know now who the famous British lady he was dating was, but at the time, their entire relationship was shunned from the public. It was a complete secret. By her doing. Sounds like a pretty crappy way to live if you're Rob.

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Rob was dating Rita Ora, and apparently she and her camp wanted to hide the relationship based on the fact that it might not be good for her image. (AKA, they wanted her to appear available.) But imagine how that must have felt for Rob. From the sounds of things, he was really into her. It must have sucked not being about to be seen in public together, or talk about her. When you're in love, those are the things you want to do.

I feel bad for Rob. I'm not sure if it's the editing or what, but it doesn't seem like the dude can ever catch a break. He's constantly surrounded by his super famous, super successful sisters -- who are all in relationships, I might add. Save for his, um, sock line, he doesn't really appear to have a heck of a lot going on. And now we learn that he was in a relationship with someone he obviously really cared about -- but it had to be kept a secret. What the hell is that? That thing never had a prayer at surviving.

I hope Rob finds love soon. Really, I do. As Kim said last night, he's the kind of guy who gives everything when in a relationship -- what girl wouldn't want that? (Besides Rita Ora and Adrienne Bailon.)

What do you think of Rob and Rita's relationship?


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nonmember avatar melissa

Oh please. This BOY loves to play the victim. Its always something. Its sad he can't grow a pair of balls and man up. The ONLY thing stopping rob kardashian IS rob kardashian. He has the money resources time etc to deal with his issues. But he just runs and cries about his feelings. I hope he doesn't find love soon .. his head is obviously not there to pick a good mate.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

I had a feeling Rita Ora wasn't all that innocent. He took her back more than once, although he shouldn't have. 

I think in order for someone in the public eye to have a successful relationship, they should get to know the person first and once they become a monogamous couple, they should make it known. 

Oh, BTW: Rob Kardashian's socks are super cute; however, I'm not going to pay $30 for a pair of socks. 

Karen Dowling-Barth

Btw, he cheated on Adrienne!!  So that is his fault!!  Mr. WOE is me Rob.  Quit being a crybaby!  You have way more offered to you than just some random guy on the street.  You have a business degree...USE IT!

Eddie... EddiesMama83

I want to feel a little sorry for him but I don't. He cheated on Adrienne Baillon and he played one of his sister's non-famous friends(if you can remember from seasons long ago).  It's called karma. 

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