Kris Humphries Is a Fool If He Sacrifices His Job to Ruin Kim Kardashian

kris humphriesThe date Kris Jenner has been waiting for has finally been set: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries officially have a trial date for their divorce. On May 6, Kris and Kim will face off in court to determine on what grounds their marriage will end. Kim just wants a good old fashioned, no-frills divorce, while Kris wants an annulment -- and for Kim to admit what most people already know: That she only married him for her show. My guess is that this trial will one of the most highly-publicized ones of all time. And not just because Kris and Kim's divorce/annulment/whatever has been going on for forever now, but because 1) Kim will be super pregnant when she has to appear in court, 2) there most likely will be some kah-razy details revealed about Kim's massive empire during the trial, and 3) Kris may wind up missing the NBA Playoffs to get revenge on his ex. Seriously. Dude is willing to sacrifice his $24 million contract for something that clearly is never going to work out in his favor.

It has be incredibly frustrating being Kris Humphries. He was basically turned into a punchline after getting together with Kim (and then, in turn, getting divorced 72 days later). And if Kim really did just use him as a storyline on her show -- his reputation was ruined all for naught. But fact is -- he's not going to win. Plain and simple. Kim will never in a million years admit that their marriage was a sham -- never. Her show is the entire basis of her livelihood/empire. To admit it's fake is to admit she's fake. She'll never do it.

So for Kris to risk his livelihood -- and one of the more positive things he has in his life -- for the circus that's become their divorce/annulment is completely asinine. Move on already, man. Is ruining Kim really worth that much to you? If your answer is "yes" you really ought to change it to "no" and get some therapy. That isn't very healthy. 

Do you think Kris should sacrifice his job to ruin Kim?


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Melan... MelanieJK

He seems hellbent on compounding his public humiliation.     Hate is even more blinding than love.

Nycti... Nyctimene

No, and I think the fact that he's willing to basically throw what's left of his life down the tubes just to try and ruin her shows the bias he has against her. By definition it's obsession -- when the ONLY thing in your life that matters is that one object or one person. And that's not good and will likely hurt him in court because court is supposed to be about impartial justice, not obsessive revenge which is what Kris is after. He wants to humiliate her and hurt her, not 'show the truth' or anything else. I almost hope he does skip the playoffs because it would be the most poetic justice that he ruins himself far more than Kim ever did. 

brads... bradsprincess

No he is such an a**clown.  Just be done with it and move on.  I mean yea it didn't work out, who cares?  It will never be proven that it was faked for the show.  The kind of evidence needed for that is not in existence no matter what some idiots may say about Kim.  Kris need to go his way and Kim needs to conentrate on her baby and Kanye.

Heath... HeatherMazzone

I've always hated this guy. Seriously dude, LET IT GO!!!

Todd Vrancic

Isn't living well the best revenge?  Doing this seems to be the opposite of living well.

nonmember avatar melissa

When she got with this guy.. twas like ' oh really him?! ' and I could tell right off the bat it was not going to work. They were not at the same level of understanding to begin with. But he is a real piece of work. Just his energy is slimy. I couldn't believe she wanted him but I was like well if that makes her happy! But it was like tomkat. You knew it was only a matter of when not if.

I think he is unattractive if not only because his personality sucks. I don't know how she really thought this was the guy. It makes you seriously question her decision making skills lol.


Trying to milk that last millisecond of those 15 mins. You have issues when one of your attorneys fires YOU.

nonmember avatar Joiya

I understand how Kris Humphries feels. I would want and do the same thing. I have been treated the same way by and ex and after a while I wanted revenge too. I think Humphries is a bit obessed. And honestly I can't wait till they have their day in court. Humphries deserves an annulment. He loved her and obvisouley she used him. This site is biased for the slut and her family. How much are they paying you to say stuff like this about him. Bring the facts and not your biased opinions. I truely believe he should gun for this annulment. Its much deserved that he recives his annulment. The slut needs to give him his annulment and stop dragging her feet. Kris Humphries can and will win in court. Soak in it

nonmember avatar Itheo


Listen to all the losers on this board who this Kris is the problem. She refused the annulment which would have been the easy route. Considering she faked scenes in which she was documented as saying she wanted out before the ink was dry on her marriage certificate. I would say this was fraud.


1. Kris asked for Kim to give her deposition over a year ago she refused saying she was too busy(Instagram would beg to differ) The judge agreed to this

2. He asked for a trial date to be set after playoffs. Judge denied this

So yes he HAS TO be at his own divorce proceedings. I believe this will end in mistrial or appeal simple as that and kim will give birth to another bastard grandchild STILL married to Humphries.

nonmember avatar Deni

When you realise something can be considered fraud, you get away from it. When Kim filed for divorce, Kris pleaded with her to make it work, and that he would do anything to make the marriage work. If you still want to stay in a situation you consider fraudulent, then you are complicit in it, just like any other shady business.
This is not fraud, he knew what was happening, and if he can prove fraud, then where was he, during all the fraudulent deeds? None of this makes any sense.

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