Kim Kardashian's Divorce Trial Comes Just in Time for Her Baby's Arrival

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Kim KardashianKim Kardashian should get the best baby shower gift ever in May, a couple of months before her little Kimye is due. Set your Tivo for May 6, everyone, as that's the date that the divorce trial of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries will finally get started. Well, it probably won't be televised -- though it certainly should be. The divorce trial will take only a few days to hash out (can you believe?!) and should be completely settled by the time Kim gives birth. That should be a big load off Kim's shoulders. Provided too much crazy stuff about her and her family isn't revealed during the trial. But you know it will be.

Kris's lawyer will have an incredibly tough job -- not because he'll he'll have to try and prove that Kim only married Humps for TV ratings -- but because he'll actually have to watch 13,000 hours of Kardashian TV footage so he present his findings to the court. Can you imagine??!! He'll have to retire after that, because surely his brain cells will dimish to the point where he'll no longer be able to perform his lawyerly duties.

Anyway, my guess is that Kris isn't as concerned about an annullment as he is getting his fair share of the money the Kardashians pocket during their marriage -- and Kim just hasn't coughed up enough yet. Since he apparently already turned down a $10 million settlement, he's not messing around. He's counting on Kim not wanting more dirty laundry aired during the divorce trial to get her settle before this whole thing hits the tabloids. But he's dealing with the wrong person because when has anyone in the Kardashian clan been worried about bad publicity?

Since Kim and Kanye West's baby is due in July, he may also be counting on her wanting to settle things at the last minute so that she can marry her baby daddy before the birth. But I wouldn't count on Kim wanting a marriage license in order to give birth.

Something tells me the winner here is going to be Kim.

Why do you think Kris is holding up the divorce?


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nonmember avatar jen

who cares, people get divorced everyday.

Paula Board

Why would you want to stay married to someone that doesn't want you. I also believe I would know if someone was marrying me for the ratings. If they did marry for the rating he didn't have to agree to it. I don't really care either way. It was a great show to watch. If it was fake so be it. It was amazing. I think a lot of what happened is Chris started being rude to everybody. The shows I watched Kim was always embarrassed by the things he would do and say. He didn't care who's he insulted or who's feelings he hurt. If it wasn't fake I don't blame her I'd divorce him to. I rather think I did do I for ratings than to think I actually chose him for a husband.

Sheena Harris

Well she shouldn't have married him in the first place. How do you marry someone who had rubbed your ENTIRE family the wrong way??? Quit trying to have what everyone else has and she'll be fine. I don't understand why on earth the Humps is holding on to this, that just makes him look more pathetic. No one knew him until he was with Kim, and I believe he just doesn't want to lose whatever spotlight he has left. Dude, your a basketball player. Focus on that game, and quit looking for a better payday.

Also...she should NOT marry Kanye. That would just end the same way. Kourtney and Scott never married, and are fine. Take a page from their book, and leave it at that, before you end up divorced 6 times 

4cadi... 4cadillac

Kris iz an ass. He could possibly be right 2 a degree on the fakeness of the show but we all kno the kardashians will win hands down!

nonmember avatar karleigh

what i dont get is why cant kim have a annulment,they werent married that long anyways.If kim agreed to an annulment this whole thing would have been over with by now

txchi... txchicka86

Kris is a patheic piece of shit!!! Just divorce the girl and let her live her life!!! He should just take the $10 million settlement and go away. What a nightmare he is!!! Women out there need to be more careful who they marry! Instead of rusing into it.

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