Anderson Cooper Calls 'The Bachelor' 'Fake' & 'Gay' on National TV & It's Fantastic (VIDEO)


the bachelorThis made my day so hard, you don't even realize. On Anderson Live, Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show, the silver fox himself called out The Bachelor for being fake and gay. It's not the revelation that's so awesome -- I mean, please, everyone knows that show is staged and, well, super gay -- it's the fact that a respected person in media is saying so on national TV that makes this so remarkable. Not only does Andy rip the show a new one, he and co-host du jour Regina King make fun of Tierra LiCausi and AshLee, too. 

It's just one giant, brilliant Bachelor bash sesh. You gotta watch.

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I don't want to make any defamatory guesses or anything, but I'd put money on Jake Pavelka being that Bachelor who was caught on famously gay-centric Fire Island.

He's currently "dating" Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth, after all.

Do you agree with Anderson Cooper regarding the Bachelor?


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bills... billsfan1104

Where is the outrage for him calling it gay? I bet if this was a heterosexual host, he would attacked!!

nonmember avatar Christy

He is so adorable! Too bad he's gay. All the good guys are :(

CPN322 CPN322

^^I was thinking the same thing! I personally don't like anyone, gay or straight, using the word gay in a  derogatory manner and would actually think that a gay man would feel the same. 

hotrd... hotrdumommy

Oh my goodness I actually agree with billsfan on some thing. Isn't there a whole campaign about not using the term "gay" in a derogatory manner?

nonmember avatar CV

How on earth can HE call anyone or anything gay, Sean is not gay, and neither is the show

zandh... zandhmom2

That's so Anderson Cooper!

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