Kristen Stewart Is Single at Last & Needs to Start Dating SOON

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Kristen StewartMen everywhere grab your hottest pair of Converse and prepare your talking points: Kristen Stewart is officially on the market. Trial separation no more, rumors are saying the KStew and longtime vampy boyfriend Robert Pattinson have officially called it quits and that she considers herself single. A source tells Hollywood Life Kristen is willing to date again and just wants to be "with someone who wants her." Amen sister. Why waste your time lusting after someone who doesn't lust back, right? On to the next one!

I've most definitely been there, woman. It's totally weird to be single again after being in a committed (mostly) relationship for so long. The fact that Kristen's willing to go out on dates is definitely a plus, but she needs to actually follow through with it. If she doesn't, things are gonna get rough ... and fast.

When you're in a relationship, you often forget what it is you were looking for in the first place. You fall in love with the characteristics of one particular individual and lose sight of some of the things that are important in a partner for you. Kristen's going to go through a phase now where she relearns what's important for her. Does she like someone that's intellectually stimulating and can join her at a rock show? Does she find a sense of humor critical and can't settle for anyone who doesn't know how to play guitar? Who knows.

Plain and simple: The only reason to really find out what's important to you is by dating around. She's smart to want to do it out of the eye of the paparazzi, that's just gonna make all of this more difficult for her. I'm sure she'll be comparing everyone to Rob at first, but when she finds one guy that stands out for the individual that he is, that will change. Keep your head up, Kristen. As awkward as you are in interviews, you too deserve happiness.

What kind of guy could you see Kristen with? Do you think it'll be a while until she settles down again?


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LostS... LostSoul88

Good for Robert! Who needs a lying cheating home wrecking whore. Let her go back to her home wrecking man as well. At least his wife (soon to be ex) was smart enough to drop him fast.

Dannii4u Dannii4u

I agree with LOSTSOUL88!!!! very well said & put!!!!  I can no idea what RP was thinking.....but they say say nice guys like 'trash' there U go!!!!  KS needs time to be single she just jumps from one relationship to another.....I would LOVE if RP would hook up with Camilla Belle.....he says there just friends but I wish for something more....:)!

shell3m shell3m

personally I can't stand cheaters.  If you want to sleep with someone else then be NOT cheat.  It's so stupid.  I do not have any respect for her and I think it's great that Robert can go find a woman who won't treat him like crap (NOT a fan of his eithers but no one deserves to be cheated on).  I would be very very worried if I was a man and looking to date her.  She can't be trusted, I hope she changes this about herself.

nonmember avatar Shirley Sorrow

First of all this is not true. How guilible are you to believe this trash. I had rather have Kristen for a friend than any of you judgemental, holier than thou hypocrits! It must be sad to live your lives with so much hate especially for someone you don't even know.

nonmember avatar lisa903

Just like Twilight's over so are they

Nycti... Nyctimene

Second Court. 

Especially because she cheated I think the worst thing she can do is to simply jump back into the dating pool like it never happened. She clearly has some deep rooted issues and I think she needs therapy to work those out before she inflicts herself on another poor guy. She'll cheat again if she doesn't work out her issues because the problem is HER, not something Rob (or any other boyfriend) did or didn't do.  

nonmember avatar Dee

Seriously! U cheated on him!!!!! Of course he doesn't want you!!!!

Debra Anduaga


Cindy Prather

How stupid are you people? Rob and Kristen never Brock up, they are very much  still together, they are soul mates, they really Love each other and live together, with their 2 dogs, bear and bernie. I hope they sue all, who tell lies about them!! The  only ones to Believe is Gossip Cop and E News! 

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