'Bachelor' Front Runner's '50 Shades' Style Bedroom Secret Is Too Much for Sean Lowe to Handle


Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici

With hometown dates coming up next week, things are really getting down to the wire for Bachelor Sean Lowe. He's definitely falling for more than one of the four ladies who are left, which makes choosing one of them to be his wife a lot more difficult.

Sean is different from any of the other Bachelors we've seen for several reasons, but the whole "born again virgin" thing is probably what sets him apart the most. While most dudes take full advantage of every fantasy suite date, if you know what I mean -- Sean won't be getting down and dirty with any of his remaining women.

And that may come as a huge bummer to front runner Catherine Giudici, who admits liking things a bit on the kinky side in the bedroom.

She shared five tips for Valentine's Day romance in her Seattleite column, and number five on her list is, "Sex Toys!"

OMG. Can you even begin to picture the look on Sean's face upon hearing the words "sex toys?" I'm not sure he would even know what Catherine is referring to, to be quite honest.

Catherine writes, "Now of course you have your patented moves, and of course your sweetheart loves them, but there's more than one way to make a bed squeak…"

Yeah. Somehow I'm guessing Ms. Giudici is a Fifty Shades of Grey fan. Or at least that's what it sounds like.

I really like Catherine, and Sean does too, but let's be honest -- do virgins and sex toys really go hand-in-hand? Yeah, yeah, I know Sean is not really a virgin virgin, so it's not like he's never had sex before or anything like that. But still. The dude is celibate right now, and she's into sex toys, so it sounds like their bedroom styles might not be a perfect match.

From what we've seen so far on the show, Catherine seems so down-to-earth and genuine, so it's no wonder Sean is falling for her. But if she gets a wild hair and busts out a vibrator on her overnight date (if she gets one), she probably shouldn't be surprised if Sean runs off like a scared little boy.

Do you think Sean and Catherine are a good match?


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bella... bellacazzate

There is no such thing as a born again virgin. It is not possible. It does not exist.

Catherine, on the other hand, does exist and is awesome. As far as reality TV people go (which isn't very far), she is tops in my book. 

Sandra Blake

You can't believe everything you read - especially on here - just saying.

Sans Giammona

I do believe it is just a role reversal is all.. :)normally its the other way around.. Not my cup of tea but hey each to thier own.

Cathy McDaniel Shelton

Catherine is more than the front runner...she is the one engaged to Sean....she is the one he picked...soooo I imagine they will work out the bedroom issues...and they should without any comments from the peanut gallery.....they are adults after all...

nonmember avatar Toni A Chittock

As a Pure Romance Consultant there is nothing wrong with a lil spice added to your sex life

nonmember avatar Hispirit

Cathern is the least compatable of the last 6 canidates.
Families and interest are on completely different levels.
I think he's undecided and she would be the easiest to love and dump.

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