'Real Housewife' Yolanda Foster Is Finally Saying How She Really Feels About Her Cast Mates

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yolanda fosterThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills completed filming season 3 months ago (in fact, season 4 is slated to begin shooting in about a month!), but that hasn't stopped Yolanda Foster from getting in some last-minute digs. The woman who tried to make us feel bad that she could only afford one horse for her teenage daughter was relatively quiet this season, but now, it seems, she's found a voice.

She thinks Adrienne Maloof is the worst kind of rich person out there, and thinks Brandi Glanville should stop talking about LeAnn Rimes ... once her book tour is complete, that is.

I just love that, like, now Yolanda is getting in the fray. All season she's sort of been a background character, showing up to Housewives' parties willy nilly, then leaving them early on her private jet. I mean, that's so amazing. Oh, and didn't you just love when she "shhhh-ed" everyone at that dinner table in Vegas? It was awesome.

Noticing, perhaps, that she doesn't have that big of a role on the show, Yolanda's possibly now trying to get some attention. She wrote in her Bravo blog that Adrienne Maloof is financially bullying Brandi, which, yes, I totally agree with, and said she doubts Ms. Maloof's integrity, which, also, yes. One hundred percent.

I wish she'd said that on the show, though -- it would've been nice to see a cast member other than Lisa Vanderpump stand up for Brandi. The other girls have their noses so far up Adrienne's ass they can't see straight. Wait. Taylor doesn't bow to Adrienne, but she's too "high on booze", as Andy Cohen called it on Watch What Happens Live, to really count as a credible member of Team Brandi.

Lest you think that Yolanda thinks that Brandi's infallible, Mrs. Foster just gave an interview on a Grammy event red carpet in which she advised Brandi to quit the drama with LeAnn Rimes. My favorite part about that, though, is that she said Brandi should do it when she's finished promoting her book.

As if to say, the time for decorum is after you're done selling the shit out of your life story.

Honestly, I couldn't love Yolanda more.

Are you a Yolanda fan?


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Pinkmani Pinkmani

I love Yolanda and I love her Dutch accent.

nonmember avatar drake

Uh where the heck you been the past two months? Yolanda has done nothing but slam most of her castmates over brandi for weeks now. I like Yolanda but boy does she know how to stick it to them.

Beverlyann Nash-Gibson

I love her on the show and think she adds class to it.  

nonmember avatar Bampug

Yolanda has grown on me over this season,I like her for now, I wonder if she really does all that cooking in that beautiful kitchen or is it just for the cameras

marehoop marehoop

Ummmm she has been turning up her nose and bashing since day one.  And I don't know why everyone is soooo Team Brandi.  When Adrienne is off the show next season, she will find someone else.  I guess is is because the scum of her her ex and his wife.  But come on, so many women have had WORST happen to them and does not act out like this.

Brandi is her own worst enemy and they all need to go sit the hell down...

nonmember avatar piffy

Yolanda talks on having no class. She should watch her words. Matter of fact all of them should. I may be old and not with the new in words but using street talk is classless.

pkspi... pkspikesmom

Glad that she is something, but should have been said on the show, would have meant more. "The other girls have their noses so far up Adrienne's ass they can't see straight."  I have been saying this all season and good to know that someone else agrees with me. 

Dorris Copeland

marehoop I could not agree more.


Norma J Brill

  I have always been a fan of hers stretching back to her modeling days. I'll never buy another piece of music from Rimes.

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