Katie Couric's Late Husband's Phone Mysteriously Dialing 911

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Imagine that cops come to your home every Tuesday at 2 in the morning and wake you up. Because they think you called them. Only, you didn't. Your dead husband did! Well, no, not really. But something eerie like that is happening to Katie Couric. Katie's landline at her Manhattan home, which is still listed under her late husband Jay Monahan's name, has been mysteriously dialing 911 all by itself every Tuesday in the wee hours of the morning for the past couple of months. Weird, eh?

Katie was so creeped out by the calls -- not to mention getting woken up by an emergency operator who automatically dials back, or the cops, who have actually shown up at the apartment -- that she personally picked up the phone and called Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. The matter is being investigated, but police suspect that someone is "spoofing" Katie's phone -- essentially hijacking it and having it automatically dial 911 at certain times.

This would be similar to the prank calls that have hit celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Ashton Kutcher, and Tom Cruise -- sending a SWAT team to their home when it wasn't needed. Of course, all any of this does is waste police efforts and divert emergency personnel away from where it might really be needed.

Unless Jay is trying to tell Katie something? Katie admits that the incidents have left her so rattled that she can't get back to sleep after they happen. Hmm. I think if Jay was trying to send Katie a message, he'd probably call her cellphone, not 911. So, I'm gonna go with prankster. These are the kinds of pranks that aren't remotely funny -- what is the point here, exactly? There's no punch line, no laughs. All it does is take up police officers' time. I guess that is the point, but to what end exactly? When these spoofers need help someday, and it's not there for them, they'll be the first ones to get angry about it.

I do remember one time I thought a ghost was calling me. After my grandmother died, her name twice popped up on my cellphone -- which meant a call emanating from her home landline. Only when I picked up, no one was there. Creepy!

Have you ever had odd things happen with your phone?

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Shandi80 Shandi80

I kept getting calls from 000-0000 all the time after my grandfather passed on. I also worked as a night clerk at a hotel and would get calls to the front desk from vacant rooms a few times. Creeeepy.


Katies late husbands phone mysteriously calls 911. Title is way too leading. It was THEIR land line,it was just in his name, but this swating/spoofing needs to stop.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

That's scary!

tuffy... tuffymama

I don't care for her too much, but I feel for her in this case. I can totally imagine being in that position, and being freaked out by that. My grandfather's old number showed up on my work phone caller ID one time, ten years after he had died, and I went numb. It was a misdial from someone who had recently been given the number. My boss thought I was crazy because I got so upset. Nothing spooky, just coincidental. That was a punch to the gut.

Jenny... JennyG0929

The night my grandmother passed I got a phone call in the middle of the night (around the same time she died) from what sounded like a fax machine. When I looked at the caller ID the next morning there was no record of it.

kkey75 kkey75

Not so mysterious. Happens a lot more often than you think, especially with portable phones. If the batteries are low, they call 911.

Sharo... Sharon435

I gett people spoffing other number to call my cell phone to try and get my  Visa card number hahaha Sorry but it dont work. 

jessi... jessicasmom1

spoffing but really makes you want to wonder

ricky... rickynicksmom

Two weeks after my cousin was killed, I got a text from her.

SagaMom SagaMom

I for one believe in the 'other world' and ghosts and other paranormal things and I think maybe he is trying to send her a message!!  Maybe he is trying to save her from something/someone that hasn't happened but will soon??? 

If it is 'spoofers' why don't Katie just have the phone turned off or at least take it out of her dead husbands name???  Then if her cell phone starts dialing 911 all by itself, then she will know that it is her deceased hubby.

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