Kristen Stewart Finds Temptation in a Hunky Costar: Are Her Cheating Days Over?


Kristen StewartWhile Robert Pattinson is filming The Rover in Australia, Kristen Stewart's been working on a project of her own here in the States. Called The Big Shoe, Kristen's latest flick has one awesome benefit: her hunky costar. You know Jim Sturgess, right? From Across the Universe? Well apparently the duo has great chemistry, both on- and off-screen. A source says that around Jim she was "touching her hair and laughing a lot." The catch? Jim has a girlfriend, and according to the same source -- everything is strictly professional.

OK, so yes, Kristen's past indiscretions make me want to doubt that. Allegedly Kristen is so set on reconciling with Rob and working on their relationship that she has blinders on to all other men. For some crazy reason I don't quite understand, I actually believe that.

Here's how I see it: Kristen has gone bat shit crazy since she cheated on Rob with Rupert Sanders. She's apologized publicly, she's made amends with Rob, she's traveled to Australia to see him, and the latest -- now she's wearing his underwear around because "she misses him." Her emotions are at an all-time high, and now I'm truly believing that she's head-over-heels in love with Rob and nothing's changing that.

Of course, that doesn't mean she can't be attracted to other men. Shoot, I definitely wouldn't blame her for being attracted to Jim Sturgess -- considering that he's handsome AND he can sing. Only time will tell if she can hold out until Robby comes back from the land down under.

Do you think Kristen's cheating days are over?


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Danielle Woolfork

first off is it anyone's business who she is dating or flirting with. NO. Second is her and Rob even together. Now if they are not together or talking I don't think it matters. I think the media just needs to leave them the hell alone. It is their life they decide how to live it not anyone else. This is stupid how it is always about Rob and Kristin but nobody else. The media always has something to say about these 2 but never anyone else. Pretty stupid i think. Get off their backs. What was done is done get the hell over it. Let them move on with their lives.

Karen Tate Dorsey

I don't think she would do that again specially so soon. If she hasn't learned her lesson then she will have to take what she gets.

Lisa Woods

geez, give the girl a break! amen Danielle Woolfork! I agree whole heartedly to leave them alone ! it's bad enough that they are in the media limelight, but everyone just needs to leave them alone and let them have a life of their own!

Debbie Reynolds

If I where them I would disapear frome the public eye u this page sucks

Karen Stone Hunsinger

I am in TOTAL agreement with Danielle Woolfork! GIVE IT A REST ALREADY! It's for them to work out or not, and all of the media attention it has been getting can't help! Let them live their lives already! I personally love them both, whether they are together or not. And everybody makes mistakes! Doesn't mean you have to hate them and smear them forever because of it.

Deeya Eyler

Money makes people do stupid apologize to the public for cheating on Rob! WHY TELL THE WORLD ABOUT IT DIRTY LAUNDRY?! They'll work it out or they won't. That's one of the perks of being in the limelight!

Nell Collins

Yea ummm just this week this very site said she and Rob were over,done kaput?? make up your damn mind and quit fflip flopping about them,you are looking more and more like a tash rag when you do that!

nonmember avatar R. Hawkins

I agree with the others, get over it. I do need to say something though. When the cheating happened between Kristen and what's his name—Rupert? I was appalled. In this day and age, a 45 year old man seduced a 22 year young woman, and the blame was put on the 22 year old??? And I do think the 45 year old man seduced the 22 year old. I do not believe for a minute that it was the other way around. And if she did come on to him—Hello! He was 45 years old and again—she was 22. The media crucified the girl and said little about the pervert. Sickening to me.

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