Jenelle Evans’ Valentine’s Day Surprises From Gary Head Are Anything But Sweet

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Jenelle Evans' Valentine's Day presentOh Valentine's Day. You have your interesting ways about you. Unlike any other day of the year, you're able to bring together two people who otherwise have decided they don't work together with a few chocolates wrapped in red foil and flowers. Take Teen Mom Jenelle Evans and her ex-boyfriend Gary Head, for example. Evans has only recently separated from husband Courtland Rogers, and she's been hanging out with Gary since the second they split. This morning, Jenelle woke up to a beautiful Valentine's Day display including a teddy bear, chocolates, flowers, and a card.

Although Gary defends his actions on Twitter, saying, "It's Valentine's Day. Everyone deserves something. Only haters make it bigger than it actually is," I'm on to you, man. Let me tell you something -- tomorrow, the lovers' holiday will be over. And after what you did today, I doubt you and Jenelle will be "just friends" for much longer.

Not all women like to admit it, but we love gushy romantic stuff like this. Whether it's Valentine's Day or not, it's always nice to get flowers or something sweet from someone sweet in your life. With that said, you don't just get anyone flowers on Valentine's Day. Heck, none of my male friends would put together a display for me like this, that's for damn sure.

Gary and Jenelle have been hanging out an awful lately, and although the duo both say the whole thing is platonic, actions on both of their parts make me think otherwise. I just hope that after today, Jenelle thinks about what getting back into a relationship with Gary means and that, no, it's not gonna be all hearts and flowers all the time.

Have you ever gotten a special Valentine's Day treat from someone you weren't romantic with? Do you think Gary has another motive?


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Amy Adams

She has been dating him since the day her fake miscarrage happened. She is just denying it because everyone bashed Cortland for moving on so fast.

Selina Marie Hope

you have an extreme hard on for jenelle evans! I swear it is all I read about on your blog. Remember you are keeping her as famous as MTV! No reason to make something out of nothing and if they are together so what!

ToolA... ToolArmy066

Couldn't have said it better myself Selma!

sand008 sand008

Yes. I went to my house after being at my bf house at the time, to pick up some shoes and found a 5 foot bear 24 dozen roses balloons and a anonymous card. I thought it was a surprise from my bf, wasn't him. It was from a Guy I dumped right before I started to date the bf.

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