'Bachelor' Bad Girl Tierra LiCausi IS Engaged but Her 'Fiance' Is Nowhere to Be Found

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Tierra LiCausi

Well, color me dumbfounded -- apparently Tierra LiCausi is engaged, like, for real people. When I first saw the photo of what appeared to be an engagement ring on her finger, I was 100 percent sure she had conjured up a fake fiance simply to prove she's not nursing a broken heart after Sean Lowe sent her home abruptly on Monday's episode of The Bachelor.

But late yesterday, her brother, Tyler LiCausi, confirmed that Tierra is indeed getting married.

Huh. That's all well and good and I guess I should suck it up, admit I was wrong, and offer my heartfelt congratulations to the happy couple.

There's just one problem.

Neither Tyler nor Tierra will reveal the dude's identity.

(What's up with that?)

Tyler told Wetpaint, "I’m not sure he wants his name out there just yet."

Um, wait a second. If you love a girl enough to put a ring on her finger, don't you want to shout it from the rooftops that she's about to become your wife? Why doesn't he want his name "out there yet"?

I'm going to go ahead and hazard a guess that it has a lot to do with the fact that he's engaged to the most hated woman in reality TV (at least at the moment). And he obviously knows how much heat he's going to take for popping the question to someone most people consider to be a real nut job.

Either Tierra's man is laying low for a bit until the dust settles from her 15 minutes of Bachelor fame -- or as I initially suspected, he doesn't even exist.

Yes, I still think there's a chance the whole engagement story is completely made up -- even though Tyler did offer more details as to how the proposal went down. And it seriously sounds like something straight out of a reality TV dating show. (Wait ... what?)

The gist of Tierra's love story goes something like this:

She had already been dating the guy and was living with him, but they broke up, so she signed up for The Bachelor. But when she went on the show, he realized he loved her and tried to get in touch with her, and couldn't understand why he couldn't reach her. He finally called Tierra's parents, who told him she was on The Bachelor.

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(Here's where it gets really good.)

He panicked, called ABC to find out where Tierra was, and was "literally on his way to St. Croix the day he finally reached her."

In a weird coincidence, that happened to be the same day that Sean let her go. And then he played the knight in shining armor and met her back in Denver and they lived happily ever after.

Ok, let me get this straight. This guy was so crazy about Tierra that he called ABC and hopped on a plane to go profess his love to her in St. Croix -- but now he doesn't want anyone knowing who he is?!?

Yeah, something just doesn't add up here. Until Tierra actually produces a fiance, I'm not buying her engagement story.

Do you think Tyler is lying? Or if Tierra is really engaged, why won't her fiance reveal his identity?


Image via ABC

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Ellen Block Rickel

I think he is real not from her word but the brothers...the fiance saw the show and is embarrassed of how she has acted! There's someone for everyone and he is saving America from Tierra-able being the next bachelorette! Lol

nonmember avatar Kelly

I call BS on some of the story. Do we really believe someone can call the network and they will freely tell him where they are taping this super secret show at??? Even if not for those reasons but for protection of the girls etc.

Dee Newberry Hull


nonmember avatar SLC

It makes total sense that the producers would tell the ex-boyfriend where they were filming.
Of course they'd want him to show up and so they could film the drama that would of course unfold!

nonmember avatar sandrazhere

Mabe hes a low key kinda guy and doesn't want to be followed and questioned everywhere he goes

Joanne Peterson Hintz

I was going to say he's made up, but why would her brother be in on it? 

Lorin Singleton Adegbenro

something is a lie. If it is Sean its a lie that they were together for 4 years. If it is true... well she was with a guy for 8 years that she spoke about on the show, that died. Then she was with someone else for 4 years. She is only 24. This would mean that she was with the first guy since she was 12 and took no time after he passed away before moving onto the next guy.

nonmember avatar Katie

I don't know if the guy exists or not, but if he's real, I don't blame him for wanting to stay anonymous -- I wouldn't want to be thrust in the spotlight and harassed by tabloids either! If I were Tierra's fiancé, I'd be looking forward to the day my fiancée was no longer a person of public interest.

nonmember avatar anna

he was lieraly on his way to St. croix and ready to get her back on the bachelor, YET he now doesn't want to reveal his identity? makes no sense. if he was the type to want to conceal his identity for privacy than he wouldn't have been willing to fly to St. croix to get her back on reality TV. that right there makes me believe the whole things is made up.

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