Bruce Willis Doesn’t Need No Stinkin’ Oscar Award

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Bruce WillisAnd the Oscar goes to … whichever talented actor played the most “interesting” role that year. Not the badass that takes out villains without remorse, but instead with a colorful “yippee kay-ay, mother f***er!” But even without an Oscar, Bruce Willis still wins in my book.

The A list actor recently chatted with GQ for an interview in their March issue. Although he’s won a Golden Globe and two Emmys, he’s never been nominated for an Academy Award -- despite his successful 30-year career. He told the magazine, “'You don't get an Oscar for comedy, and you don't get it for shooting people … You get it for novelty, for being fascinating to watch in some character role.”

I don’t know about you, but I’ll take Die Hard over some ‘meaningful’ artsy flick almost every time. Shoot ‘em up, bang ‘em up movies where good triumphs over evil are cathartic on so many levels, and Bruce Willis is the perfect man for the leading character.

The actor plays such a confident, devil-may-care hero that it’s hard to believe that he suffered from a speech impediment when he was younger. Yup, Mr. Willis once suffered from a stutter so bad that he thought of himself as ‘disabled.’ It was through drama classes in school that he was able to overcome the stammer.

I did some theater somewhere, probably in high school. And when I memorized words, I didn't stutter, which was just miraculous,' he explained. 'That was the beginning of the gradual dispelling of my stutter. I thought I was handicapped. I couldn't talk at all.

The 57-year-old actor has been in Paris this week, promoting A Good Day To Die Hard, which opens on Valentine’s Day. He’s seen around town with his wife Emma Heming and their 10-month-old daughter Mabel. On Monday, he was honored in the French capital with the Commander of the Arts and Letters for his contribution to cinema.

What a great contribution it’s been -- Academy Award or not.

Do you think Bruce Willis has been overlooked for Oscar glory?


Image via GQ

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tuffy... tuffymama

If I weren't married, I'd give him a look all over. Goodness!

the4m... the4mutts

Mmmm Bruce Willis. Droool

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

I am not one to watch a movie more than once... The Die Hard series is one of the few I can rewatch over and over. :-)

sassy... sassykat122

Can i dip him in coffee and eat him like biscotti?

nonmember avatar coco'smom158

Love, love, love Bruce Willis. He's so cool. :-)

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