‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Season 4 Cast Shake-Up Is for the Better

taylor armstrongGood news for those of you Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans out there who prefer your cast a little less dark and a little more sober: rumor has it that Bravo will not ask Taylor Armstrong back to participate in season 4, set to begin filming this April. Nothing's been finalized yet, but there's also been talk about who could potentially replace her. One name that grabbed my attention was Rod Stewart's wife Penny Lancaster who, by the by, is the step-mother of Adrienne Maloof's new baby boy toy.

But first, let's talk about Taylor. She's been hard to watch this season, hasn't she? Even though she's hardly in any episodes anymore (I didn't even miss her during that Vegas trip, did you?), whenever she is on camera, she's drunk. And whenever she gives an interview on the RHOBH, she's talking about how she's a loose canon when she's "had a glass of rosé", by which everyone knows she means "bottle of rosé and a shotty of voddy in the limo on the way over." It's uncomfortable.

Obviously, I don't know that she has a drinking problem, it just seems like it. Same with Kim Richards. She's allegedly sober this season... but ... I mean, am I the only one who thinks she sounds even more doped up than ever? "I can't come because my dog hit me in the nose." People. Please.

I think it's best for everyone if Taylor and Kim leave the show, but I guess they're keeping Kim around because she gives Kyle a reason to cry, and we all know that crying = ratings.

Quick aside about Kyle's crying -- what is with her voice when the water works come on? One minute she sounds perfectly normal, then she gets choked up and sounds like a 95-year-old woman who's dying of emphysema. Gives me the willies.

Anyway, I'm happy to say buh-bye to sad Taylor and her dark, dark storyline. All I ask is that they don't replace her with Faye Resnick. That woman is the worst. She just seems so desperate, you know? So eager to be one of the "cool kids." Girl needs to slow her roll.

As for Rod Stewart's wife, eh, whatever. I don't care either way about her but if she is cast, I hope she's on Team Brandi and not Team Adrienne.

It won't be too long now until the new cast for season 4 is revealed ... the women are allegedly given three weeks notice before filming begins, which puts the announcement about three or four weeks out.

Just in time to fit in a cleanse, right Yolanda?

Do you want Taylor off the show?


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Joan Taber

Taylor has no story line this year and the others all seem annoyed by her. What about having Camille come back - with how mean she is at times I think that is her goal.

Glenda Jean McMillin

I can not stand her and her oversized mouth. She is an ugly drunk. I said a few weeks ago that I thought Kim was off the wagon.

Rootbear Rootbear

Her lips look like a prolapsed rectum.

Cathy Estright Stahlman

Crap I was just starting to like her, she was getting good opening her mouth and telling people off, so it takes a couple drinks to get her started......better then Fay if she starts I stop....can't stand her....and Kyle give me a break who brings some one to a party that they were not invited to with out asking if it's ok first.......how rude........just saying......   confused

Kelly Lewis

I think RHOBH show should get Taylor some help.  Rehab Now!!!!!  She's obviously not able to deal with everything thats happened and could use some help. Don't just dump her RHOBH. HELP HER!



Joanne Hester

I don't know Taylor has been annoying for a while. Last year I would of been glad to see her go. I have had a change of heart not that she isn't annoying and I would like to see Taylor sober, I just feel bad about it and I hope they do not fire her.  The other people they named like Faye and Rod Stewart's ex,  I'm not that interested, I don't like Faye!

Debbie Lazzara Page

If Faye comes to the show won't be watching.

Cye Cye

Faye is the worst! Lindsey! You are so right about Kyle--she immediately starts croaking when she cries AND SHE CRIES ALL THE TIME! If Rod Stewart's wife comes on (and let's face it: that's how we will refer to her) does that mean he'll be on? I wanna see him hang with Ken! For a spikey hair-off!

nonmember avatar amy

I LOOOOVE that you commented on Kyle's voice when she cries. It's the most bizarre thing I've ever heard and I HAAATE it!!

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