Kristen Stewart Supposedly Wears Robert Pattinson's Underwear to Feel Closer -- Ew

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robert pattinsonWe've seen Kristen Stewart wearing Robert Pattinson's hat. And we've seen her in his shirts, his ring, and other gear. She just seems to love having close contact with Roberts things. Maybe she loves his style -- or maybe it's more sentimental. Maybe both! So why not take it all the way? According to Star magazine, Kristen even wears Robert Pattinson's underwear! And this time, it's sentimental.

A source claims, "Kristen is beside herself over Rob's decision to step back from their relationship and has started wearing his old undies every day." Aww, that's so... Actually, I'm not sure how I feel about that. Really? She wears his UNDERWEAR???

Not just his underwear, his old underwear. I'm picturing not so much snappy H&M Beckham shorts, more faded, baggy boxers with holes. Which just makes the report all the more, oh, what's the word? Sad? Gross?

Well anyway, who knows if it's even true. This could be totally made up. (People making things up about Kristen Stewart -- shocking!) Kristen could be reading it now and barfing in Robert's backpack, which she probably uses to carry around his old underwear. "Ew, I'll sleep with his old underwear and use his old underwear to wipe my brokenhearted tears, but I would never actually wear them! They look too bulky underneath his jeans."

Oh, but what if it's true? Isn't that also kind of sweet? Demented and sad, but touching. What could possibly bring her closer to Rob than his skivvies? Cloth that has caressed his bumkins. I mean, it just smooshes my heart thinking about it. I actually do hope this one is true.

What do you think about women wearing their boyfriends' underwear?



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nonmember avatar ODETE


seely... seely1979

Does anyone not remember doing this. When my husband was away I use to sleep in his tee shirts and boxers. Spray his Eternity on my pillow  so I would not miss him so much. It made me feel secure and less lonely. Kristen is probably suffering from separation anxiety. If they are taking a break (which I doubt) she is trying to keep him near to her. It is like she is grieving for the lose of  him. If it makes her feel better leave her alone.

Sweet... SweetMelancholy

I sleep in my husband's CLEAN boxers but only because they're really comfortable. I can't say I'd ever wear them as actual underwear though...

funmo... funmommy123

I Wear my dh's clean boxers to sleep.

Cassandra Huber

I wear my huband's boxerbriefs because they are so comfy.

nonmember avatar jamie coker

i dont think its healthy i think hes sexy but not that sexy

Anastasia Dawn

i do it all the time, nothing ewwy about it.

Heather D Marr

i mean as long as they are washed whats wrong with it? i wear my husbands shirts and boxers to sleep..

nonmember avatar Rachel

Yuck. if anyone hasn't forgot she cheated on him so she deserves what she gets. I would never take back a cheater I don't think they can change and if he goes back to her that's his problem she will just do what she done all over again. I think this was all planned to get her more attention but what do I know.

Janne Aasand Thon

i think it is kind a cute :) i think they are perfect togheter.

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