'Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters' Is 'Twilight' Meets 'Mean Girls' -- Sign Us Up!

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danila kozlovskyDanila Kozlovskiy, hot new vamp!Fact: There will never be another Twilight series. Also fact: We may never stop looking for the next best vampire book-to-movie franchise anyway. And at first glance, it seems like the Vampire Academy series is a pretty close fit -- the YA best sellers have all the blood lust melodrama Twi-Hards crave, with plenty of supernaturally sexy characters just waiting to be brought to drool-worthy life onscreen. Except they're not exactly waiting anymore! Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters, the first installment of the films inspired by Richelle Mead's books, is currently in production.

But should we bother getting all hot and bothered? Here's what we know about the story, the stars, the director, and more ...

What's the 411 on these vamps?

Well, there are two types of vampires in this particular fantasy world. The Moroi (the good ones) and the Strigoi (the bad ones). Then there are Dhampirs (half-vampires?), like Rose Hathaway, who's also a bodyguard for her best friend Lissa, a Moroi Vampire Princess. They go to a boarding school (for vampires) called St. Vladimir’s Academy. Boarding school-type hijinks ensue, except with fangs and stuff.

Who are the stars?

So far, Zoey Deutch (Beautiful Creatures) has been cast as Rose and Australian "newcomer" Lucy Fry as Lissa. Obligatory hot vampire guy, Dimitri, will be played by Russian actor Danila Kozlovskiy (We Are From the Future).

Who's the director?

Here's something awesome: Mean Girls director Mark Waters is at the helm! Mean Girls. Are you getting this?

Will it be awesome, and if so, why?

YES, because ... drum roll ... not only is Mark Waters directing, but his brother, Daniel Waters, who wrote Heathers (the twisted teen dramedy that got this whole genre started), is writing the script!

“Tonally this so different from all these movies that are so solemn and serious,” says producer Stuart Ford. “This is as much Mean Girls as The Hunger Games. “It is snappy, irreverent, sexy, and just a lot of fun. And we got the right director for that kind of movie.”

When is it coming out?

The current release date is February 14, 2014.

Need more reasons to get hyped up for Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters? Check out this clip from Danila Kozlovskiy's We Are From the Future (it's in Russian, not English, but you won't care. Trust me!).

Are you psyched for Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters?


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Pinst... Pinstripes4

I've read the books and am wondering why they strayed from the title, unless I'm remembering wrong. Hopefully, Rose will be far less insufferable on screen than she was in print.

mizkr... mizkriz73

Oh I loved Rose. I am hoping they don't hack the crap out of it. I loved this book series.


nonmember avatar Sugar

The only thing VA has in common with twilight is vampires... It's no where as gay or superficial as twilight o.O

MrsCh... MrsChurch

Yessssss! I loved the book series. I'm so excited. I really liked Rose, too. Yaaaayyyy!

nonmember avatar Domo

Just a little add-on for the less-knowledgable: Dimitri is a dhampir as well, not a full-fledged vampire as this article indicates.

Miranda Schumacher-Blanton

Pinstripes4, they chose this title because Blood Sisters is the title of the first book in Germany. and Richelle Mead wanted to add this title to the series.

nonmember avatar Amanda

I love this series. It is my favorite vampire series. I really hope they make this movie work, and don't crap it up like they did with Percy Jackson, or the Last Airbender, or Twilight (which is, unfortunately, much much worse than the books, which were never that good to start off), or any other hack job Hollywood's come out with based on a book. xD

nonmember avatar Chyna

They chose to title that way because when they tested the plain title 'Vampire Academy' the results weren't great. I don't know how exactly they test it but there's that. They talked to Richelle about it and she proposed the idea of VA: Blood Sisters. The results were much better! Very excited about the movie, and I have high hopes. Please don't let me down Hollywood!

Anguhluh McKee

To better answer the question "Will it be good?" The answer should be more like: Yes! Because Richelle Mead has created a universe so unique and so deeply thought out with characters so unique and deep and a story so deep. Twilight fans will LOVE this, but people who HATE TWILIGHT will also LOVE VA. Why? This is not a romance story. And the main character doesn't fall in love with a vampire or another person of a different race. Yes, there is romance in it and sexy russians but this is a story about Rose Hathaway, dhampir, training to protect her best friend, moroi, Lissa. This is a story about Rose overcoming issues that people face daily like racism and slut shaming. She also has to help her bestfriend who turns to self-harm. This isn't your average vampire love story, this is much more than that.

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