'Bachelor' Villain Tierra LiCausi Might Be Engaged to the Stupidest Man in America

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Tierra LiCausi

Well, well, well. Talk about perfect timing. The day after Sean Lowe sent her packing on the St. Croix episode of The Bachelor, Tierra LiCausi posted photos of an "engagement ring" on her finger on Instagram.

Yes, my friends, there's a chance that the craziest woman to ever grace the cast of The Bachelor has actually found a man to put a ring on it, and it's hard to wonder how anyone could be stupid enough to settle down with this biatch.

Heck, even Arie Luyendyk, Jr. feels sorry for Tierra's fiance -- that is, if she really has one.

We've all witnessed Tierra dishing out heaping helpings of pure crazy ever since Sean's season started, and it's quite possible that posting photos of a fancy-schmancy ring that may or may not have been given to her by an actual man is her wackiest display of insanity yet.

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Yes, I'm accusing her of buying the ring herself and posting the photos in an effort to convince everyone she's happily engaged -- thus making it look like she's not the least bit upset about Sean dumping her. And you know what else? I'm thinking it's possible that Tierra might even believe she's engaged to a fake man.

She's delusional, people. And I'm calling her bluff on this one.

I mean, the girl faked hypothermia (or at least I think she did) for crying out loud, so what's to stop her from faking an engagement?

If she were really engaged, don't you think we would've heard about it by now? Why wait until the day after she's rejected on national television to share her happy news with the world? Duhhhhh. She wanted to rub it in everyone's faces that she has absolutely no problem finding someone to marry her. Unfortunately in this case, odds are good she's engaged to herself. (Or a HUGE idiot.)

Remember how she told AshLee that she was going to be married with kids by the time she's 32? She might want to go ahead and invest in one of those fake pregnancy pillows and a couple of baby dolls now so she's prepared when that particular birthday rolls around.

Do you think Tierra is really engaged?


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Kelly Grossman

Very harsh for someone who does not know her. She may act crazy but who knows what she has been through. Shame on you.

nonmember avatar Kathylee

If she is, he must be deaf, blind and from another planet. Highly doubtful!!

Deborah Manzo-Falco

Who cares? Her and her family are asses and deserve whatever they get. She judged everyone on that show and it appears they all had difficulties in their lives. Apparently she leads a perfect life, except for the fact that she's a spoiled brat who can't control her face! LOL And that ugly forehead of hers! WTH is up with that? Her parents obviously do not realize "you reap what you sow". And NO I do not think she is engaged but purchased a "fake" diamond by her "fake" self! Any man that would vow to spend the rest of his life with a psycho chick like that must have 1 thing on his mind.......something every woman has! Maybe she's a woman Christian Grey might enjoy! Just sayin.......

Sandra Blake

Please remember what we saw on the show - all of it was edited for shock value.  I didnt like her character on the show either - but I'm betting we really didnt see her true self.  And maybe the producers of the show gave her the ring to let viewers think she and Sean were engaged.  I hpe she will be at the women tell all after the final rose so we can really see who she is. 


Tandra Wahlstrom Dunn

Oh H*** no she didn't get engaged...lol :D Where is the "LUCKY" Husband to be? Why isn't he standing with her in the picture? For all we know it's a gumball machine ring.

Nancy Jaramillo Brown

Duhhhh. . . She is under contract not to reveal that she was sent home until after the episode airs. I always enjoy your blogs, but this one was a bit much.

"If she were really engaged, don't you think we would've heard about it by now? Why wait until the day after she's rejected on national television to share her happy news with the world? Duhhhhh."

sydja... sydjademom24

She is very two-faced, overly dramatic, fake, spoiled, mean girl! Im surprised he kept her as long as he did. The "I can get engaged whenever" comment was innapropriate at best. No, I dont think shes engaged at all, and if she is she probably paid the guy to pretend to be her fiance. Yes people go through stuff in their lives, but you dont see the other girls who say had their family abandon them or lost an arm acting like that. Shes an adult and she CAN control her attitude and eyebrows. She definatly never had any sparkle....just bad attitude.

hexxuss hexxuss

I found her amusing lol. Need to have the one crazy person to make you feel even better about your real life than the overall reality show manages to do just on its own. ;-)

nonmember avatar Kim

You do realize that these ladies are under contract with the network and are not allowed to publicize their lives until after they leave the show. The show isn't live. It's not like he dumped her yesterday IRL. Quit being so tacky and judgmental. You have no clue about her present-day life or her present-day relationships.

nonmember avatar Anonymous

This is quite possibly the most assuming article ever written. To act as if you actually know someone from watching EDITED television is downright ignorant. How simple minded you are. And for the record, this NORMAL 24 year old is in fact engaged and that ring is 100% real and amazing - even on her little fingers. Her fiance is equally as fantastic and the two are extremely happy and actually not reading any of this clammer. They're planning to leave the whole stupid show in the past. Everyone make mistakes in their lives. She's big enough to move on.

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