'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Baby Daddy Andrew Admits Beating Her & That's Not the Worst Part

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Teen Mom 2It is common knowledge by now that when it comes to men, Jenelle Evans cannot pick them. She has gone from one drugged out jail bird to the next and from one abusive man to the next. But her baby daddy Andrew may actually take the cake in this department.

He was largely absent from the first couple seasons of the show. He was a disembodied voice, someone we only heard form once or twice. But then suddenly, this season, he showed up out of nowhere and oh Lord. It was bad.

This season we saw him take the paternity test. But we also saw HIM. Not only is he terrifying to look at (seriously? A mullet?) he is also dangerously manipulative. Judging from his attitude, I'd have to say you can't believe a single word out of his mouth. And he has many words.

On the Dr. Drew special Monday night, he admitted he has not paid a penny toward Jace in child support. Throughout the show he questioned Jace's paternity and whether Jace looks like him (he does), but perhaps most egregiously, he admitted to beating Jenelle while they were dating. To that, Andrew said:

I don't care. That was the past. I already done that. That's over with.

Yeah. Not so fast. I am no fan of Jenelle Evans. She is clearly a very, very messed up girl who should not have one child, let alone be planning for another. But a guy who would beat a woman has a whole lot of explaining to do that has nothing to do with whether he is "ready" to be a father. Would he beat Jace if they were together? These are the things Jenelle (and Barbara) need to wonder.

Andrew's smarm DRIPS off the TV screen. Jenelle Evans may be a piece of work, but that guy? He is worse. What a completely grotesque human being.

The way he passes off his beating is scary, too. There is no apology. No remorse. No sense that what he did was terribly wrong and he ought to undo it in the best way possible.

Plus his entire persona just feels wrong. He is in it for the MTV fame. That's it. Barbara and Jenelle need to keep poor little Jace as far as they can from Andrew. He is one scary dude.

Do you think Jenelle needs to keep Jace from Andrew?


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nicol... nicolemead91

what a real piece of shit that BOY is! yea i call him a boy cuz he sure as hell a'nt no father to Jace! and he sure a'nt no MAN if hes not paying child support to Barbara!    FUCKING ASSHOLE THAT JERK!!

nonmember avatar kaerae

I started hearing carnival music every time he came on screen. He just reminds me of an Appalachian carnie for some reason. Jenelle should have never kicked that hornet's nest. He will offer Jace nothing but trouble. There are kids who are better off without bio dad in their lives, and Jace is one of them.

Canpakes Canpakes

Andrew gives me the creeps. He's obviously mentally unstable and I don't think he's a good person to have in the life of a child. A person who truly cared would have asked for a paternity test as soon as that child came into the world. He wouldn't have spent two years wondering and then using not knowing as an excuse to be absent. I think Andrew should stay far, far away from Jace. He would only be another negative influence in his life if he were a part of it.


Joyce Stever Rodin

Andrew sucks at life hard core and is a hideous festering boil on the ass of society as a whole. Jenelle should worry about getting ALL her shit together and all her ducks in a row so she can move forward with her life as a mother, protector, and roll model to her son. Right now, she's none of the above. BABS is a total nuttier than squirrel turds psycho and should not be the sole care giver to that poor child- he'll catch something from her!

nonmember avatar K

I think it is just so rude how u guys talk about Jenelle. I mean I know shes not made the greatest choices in life but she is still nice to Jace and all and is a pretty good mother

Alicia O'Lricke Hoomes-Barnes

Hell Yes,Im a mother of 2 daughter who bio-father tried to beat my oldest when he did that I told him to pack his stuff and get out He could hit me all he wanted but when it comes to the kids It was on.

Alicia Hernandez

I am not a fan of Janelle and wish this girls could get their crap together; on the other hand, the father of Jace is their for the fame. I feel so bad for the child (Jace), he is the only victim here. A man should never beat a women and I think he admitted to putting his hands on Janelle. He is disgusting! I make my 17 year old daughter watch this show because I don't want her to go through this! What I don't understand is how this girls still want to have more kids when they can't take care of the one they have. Idiots, stupid kids. It makes me so mad to hear this.

Christina Leigh

Two months ago, most of you people were saying that Jenelle was a liar and was probably never hit by a guy in her life.  Yet we caught Kieffer doing it on camera and now Andrew admits to it.  Everyone running around saying that she lied about it certainly looks stupid now.

Berenice Lopez


nonmember avatar Elizabeth

Has anybody stopped to think maybe him beating her is what has pushed her to pick the guys she has and be the way she is?

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