Taylor Swift's Breakup Video for Harry Styles Will Make Him Want to Crawl Into a Hole

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Harry Styles Taylor SwiftYikes! What on earth did Harry Styles do to Taylor Swift to make her absolutely loathe him as much as she appears to?

First there were rumors that she was working on a breakup song for him like a day after they split. And then she totally dissed him at the Grammys in front of millions of viewers and a live audience. And now, well, she's gone one step further to make sure everyone everywhere knows she's never, ever, ever getting back together with the One Direction singer.

You guys -- Taylor Swift is making Harry Styles a breakup video.

Yes, a breakup video, set to the tune of what is shaping up to be one of her snarkiest breakup songs yet.

The new single is called "22" (the age she was while dating the Harr-ster), and she was spotted filming scenes for the music video on the beach in Malibu.

Remember that time Taylor and Harry got all cheesy and reenacted the famous lift scene from Dirty Dancing? Well, in the video, she's seen recreating the lift yet again, all while wearing a green beanie and baggy shirt -- classic Harry Styles attire.

Still not convinced that this is his official breakup anthem? Wait till you hear the opening lyrics of the song:

"It feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters / And make fun of our exes, ah ah, ah ah."

Wow. Way to be subtle, Taylor.

OMG. Again, what in the heck did Harry do to Taylor to prompt her to go to such great lengths to make fun of him? I know she's probably pretty broken hearted and all, but geez! Doesn't it seem like she's being just a little hard on the poor dude? He has to be more than a little mortified, and he probably wishes he never dated her in the first place.

It's obvious that she's doing her very best to stick it to him as best she can. The only problem is that instead, she's making herself look really, really pathetic.

She's coming across as desperate and mean instead of strong and independent, which I'm guessing is what she is probably going for while dishing out her series of jabs against Harry. And when it comes to any future romances from here on out, she's just not doing herself any favors by ripping her ex-boyfriends to shreds.

Why do you think Taylor is so angry with Harry?


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MaryC... MaryCimino

I have a song idea for Taylor, I call it "Maybe I'm the problem"

KAV1970 KAV1970

Well, for one she is ONLY 22 (or maybe 23 now). Anyway, how many 22/23 years old do you know that have their whole life together at that age?? Maybe, they're doing good career wise, but suck at relationships or maybe it's the reverse.....IDK. But so what, she'll eventually (hopefully) grow up & out of this phase. He looks like an ass anyway. Not that Taylor is my favorite, either.

Nycti... Nyctimene

LOL @ Mary. 

But yes. This is why I don't like this girl without even hearing one of her songs. Very unclassy. Grow up. You had a breakup. Just like 10 billion other people have had before. Not everyone makes a career out of whining about their break-ups. Besides, she dated him for like .004 of a phentosecond so how hurt could she really be? Way overkill for what a serial dater she is.

She needs serious therapy.  

nonmember avatar Tink

I love how people latch on to this shit, if you really want her to go away stop giving her the plublicty, also may I point out that the new hit she has, was written while her and that backstreet boy wannabe (cause lets face it, those guys are just another backstreet boys, nsync, hanson, 98*, boy band group that will have success for while and then leave and no one will ever remember them but their fans)were dating? I also love how a bunch of 12 to 15 year old girls are asking if she is 12...well ladies she is just acting like the people that don't like her

nonmember avatar Erica

Seriously what is wrong with this girl?? I don't mind that she dates a lot of guys...plenty of young women do...I have a problem with her putting her poor exs on blast. Jesus keep your personal stuff private! No one is gonna want to date her if she isn't careful...

Tripl... TripleDee30

Most women in their early 20s are serial daters but I don't think that's the issue people have with her - it's that she wants to spill all about it when the relationships (and I use that term very loosely) are over.  Taylor and her beady little eyes are fast becoming a joke.


nonmember avatar Stacey

Who cares?!? Every one of her songs becomes a major hit no matter who she's dissing!!

April... AprilJune

I can see your points about the video and all, but didn't they break up recently? I doubt the song was written about him, since it is on her latest record, which has been out for awhile. And, the song isn't focused on an ex boyfriend, if you listen to all of it. It's more a feel good song.

I get that people don't like her, but honestly...if your life had been on show for all to see in your early 20s, do you think they would have been applauding everything you did?

nonmember avatar dude

The song 22 came out before they ever dated..but its about him? Did you know her 1st song she wrote 7yrs ago called Tim Mcgraw is about Harry too. In the songs video it looks like she dissed Harry because she held the guys hand just like she did in all those photos of her with Harry but an "insider" also said she is sad in that video because Harry obviously broke her hart...come on this story is realy grasping for Headlines...soon the storys are going to be they both have to eat lunch so Taylor is obviously dissing Harry eating the same thing.

nonmember avatar Taylor

That song was written before they even dated. Please get your facts straight.

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