Taylor Swift's Breakup Video for Harry Styles Will Make Him Want to Crawl Into a Hole

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Harry Styles Taylor SwiftYikes! What on earth did Harry Styles do to Taylor Swift to make her absolutely loathe him as much as she appears to?

First there were rumors that she was working on a breakup song for him like a day after they split. And then she totally dissed him at the Grammys in front of millions of viewers and a live audience. And now, well, she's gone one step further to make sure everyone everywhere knows she's never, ever, ever getting back together with the One Direction singer.

You guys -- Taylor Swift is making Harry Styles a breakup video.

Yes, a breakup video, set to the tune of what is shaping up to be one of her snarkiest breakup songs yet.

The new single is called "22" (the age she was while dating the Harr-ster), and she was spotted filming scenes for the music video on the beach in Malibu.

Remember that time Taylor and Harry got all cheesy and reenacted the famous lift scene from Dirty Dancing? Well, in the video, she's seen recreating the lift yet again, all while wearing a green beanie and baggy shirt -- classic Harry Styles attire.

Still not convinced that this is his official breakup anthem? Wait till you hear the opening lyrics of the song:

"It feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters / And make fun of our exes, ah ah, ah ah."

Wow. Way to be subtle, Taylor.

OMG. Again, what in the heck did Harry do to Taylor to prompt her to go to such great lengths to make fun of him? I know she's probably pretty broken hearted and all, but geez! Doesn't it seem like she's being just a little hard on the poor dude? He has to be more than a little mortified, and he probably wishes he never dated her in the first place.

It's obvious that she's doing her very best to stick it to him as best she can. The only problem is that instead, she's making herself look really, really pathetic.

She's coming across as desperate and mean instead of strong and independent, which I'm guessing is what she is probably going for while dishing out her series of jabs against Harry. And when it comes to any future romances from here on out, she's just not doing herself any favors by ripping her ex-boyfriends to shreds.

Why do you think Taylor is so angry with Harry?


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claud... claudiaj1218

either way, no respectable person will ever date her.

Linsala Linsala

My theory on Taylor Swift is that she dates men she has nothing in common with in a effort to get material for her songs. She's not really looking to settle down with any of them. 

Maria Zr

Wow.....what a whore...
And people actually thought she was quality stuff in the beginning..

nonmember avatar Lily

News Flash- This song was written waaayyyy before Harry. It came out when her Red album came out, October 22, 2012; before she started dating Harry. You need to get your facts straight before posting information that is NOT true. Im a directioner but I also love Taylor. Stop trashing her!

Sarah UsedtobeZech Cone

I know that "they" always recommend that writers,poets,artists,etc are supposed to pull from their own lives to express themselves best but there has got to be SOMEthing else going on in her life besides every breakups. Others are right, I think, when they say that if she doesn't knock it off or at least be a bit more selective, no one is going to want to date her or listen to her continual breakup songs, at all...

nonmember avatar Marina

I doubt it's about him, I doubt she hates him, her grammy presentation was just like all of them, and someone just decided that because now she isnt with him she had an accent, it's just press, they don't care how much they hurt either of them as long as people reads it.

nonmember avatar Emilia

I think Taylor just uses boys to make new songs

nonmember avatar Samantha

Are you freaking kidding me? You're the pathetic one here. THAT SONG CAME OUT BEFORE THEY EVEN DATED IDIOT GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT

nonmember avatar Me

The song Taylor wrote for Harry is IK you were trouble get your facts straight and btw she is amaizing!

nonmember avatar whitney

i jus cant wait 4 the day tht taylor rly goes ovr the edge with her break up songs n no 1 will ever want to date her and tht will equal no songs which equals no carrer n tht means wr all happy. well ecept 4 the fans she mite still hav. come on harry! we all know taylor swift! you knew ths was gana happen 2 u 2

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