'Snooki & JWOWW' Recap: The Honeymoon Is Over Before Snooki & Jionni Even Get Married

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Snooki & JionniThere was trouble in paradise, aka Jionni's parents' basement, tonight on Snooki & JWOWW. After the beautiful birth of their son, Lorenzo, and the first magical days gazing at him and all of his adorableness and basking in the odor of his gas, the fighting started.

To onlookers, it was kind of cute. They would argue over who got to change the baby, and who loved him more, and those kinds of things. Jionni seems to be a great dad who wants to be involved in every aspect of raising his son, and in that respect Snooks is lucky. But he was a little too involved for her taste.

She felt ignored, plain and simple. Jionni was all about Lorenzo, while she was given no attention. It was interesting to watch, because it's typically men who feel the way Snooki did -- that their wives abandon them when the baby comes. This time, however, it was mama who was feeling left out.

"What about me?"

"I feel like I feel sexy again, and he doesn't give a shit."

"You never look at me anymore."

"I want some lovin' too."

These were but a few of Snooki's complaints. Jionni didn't seem to be overly concerned about the way she was feeling, calling her a "baby". Granted, she was likely hormonal and all, but still, he wasn't exactly being sympathetic, and I can see why she was annoyed.

Babies are not an easy addition to any relationship, but it's kind of sad to see their honeymoon end before they even get married. Hopefully, it's just a brief bump in the road -- a road that will never be completely smooth again once kids enter the mix.

I hope Snooki and Jionni make it in the long run. They're really cute together; both clearly adore their son; and I don't think anything we saw tonight indicates their relationship is doomed.  If fighting about who loves who the most is the biggest problem their family ever faces, they're in pretty good shape I'd say.

Do you think Snooki & Jionni are going to make it for the long haul?

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hexxuss hexxuss

I just don't see them making it.  Granted I've never watched one minute of their shows, but from what I read, she seems like she needs WAY too much attention for it to be shared with anyone, even her own baby.  In short, she's what I think guys would call "high maintenance" - which is great for them as a trophy thing, but once that wears off, they just can't stand being around the chick for too long. *shrugs*  they're young.

Maias... MaiasMommy619

Well, what is left for after their marriage? They already live together, they already had a baby and act like they are already married..of course those feelings already wore off. Babies require A TON of attention and work...she should be glad and thanking her lucky stars that he actually wants to get up with the baby and change diapers, and bathe him. If only we were all so lucky!

Hannah Ann Smith

Snooki is a spoiled brat...plain and simple. She is not just high maintenance but somewhat of a prima donna. She needs to be the center of attention and when she isn't she whines and complains incessantly. Jionni and his family seem to be tolerating her at this point but for how long is the question.

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