Kim Kardashian & Kanye West May Split Up for Valentine's Day

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kim kardashian kanye westIn the Kardashians' world, everything moves so quickly that you never now what's around the corner -- make-ups, breakups, babies, oh my! Although a baby and perhaps several mega-mansions are in Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's future, I wouldn't be surprised if there'll soon be buzz about an impending split ... If only because the two may NOT be spending Valentine's Day together

Wuhoh. Does this mean trouble in Kimye paradise? Pffft, not so fast!

The scoop is that Kim's going to Lagos, Nigeria, where she'll be the co-host and "special platinum guest" at R&B singer Darey's concert entitled "Love Like a Movie" on February 17, according to Nigerian Entertainment Today. While I'm sure it could take her a while to travel to Nigeria, I'm not seeing how it'll take THREE days. So there really is a possibility this is a lot of brouhaha over ... nothing. Kimye may very well be together on V-Day. 

But say they aren't. A couple deciding to spend the Hallmark holiday apart by NO means indicates that they're on the rocks. That's just plain crazy. In fact, being able to strike out on your own on that day of all days might be a sign that your relationship is healthier than ever! This is a generalization, of cousre, but I'd venture to guess most couples who've got it together probably don't need Valentine's Day or any other designated day on the calendar as an excuse to sit down for a special meal together, write a romantic note, have hot sex, etc.

Sure, it's another sweet excuse to get extra cozy. But if Kimye isn't able to take advantage of it this year, I'm sure they'll find more than a few "rain dates" to make up for it!

What do you think about couples spending V-Day apart? How are you spending it?


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Mandy Swanda

Maressa.....It takes 5 seconds to google it....  To fly from LA to Lagos, Nigeria it actually takes minimum 15 hours in the air.  That doesn't include any layovers, or connecting flights.  Which you would have to have due to the distance of the flight.  

Texas... TexasGirl512

Who gives a shit about these two air wasters!

Worki... WorkingMom8479

Why is this even an article?

nonmember avatar Natasha Cooley

I think that they don't need to spend valentine's day together. When your apart it makes the heart grow fonder for each other. I won't get to spend valentine's day with my boyfriend but that doesn't mean our relationship is on the rocks. I love my boyfriend more than anything or anyone in this world. And just because we don't get to spend this valentine's day together does not mean that our relationship is on the rocks. I have plenty of years ahead of me to spend many more valentine's days with my boyfriend. So I think that kim kardashian and kanye west's relationship is not on the rocks.

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