Kristen Stewart May Have a Shot at Playing Anastasia in '50 Shades of Grey'

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Kristen StewartJust when we thought there probably wasn't a decent chance of her getting cast in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, a new rumor claims Kristen Stewart may play Anastasia Steele after all.

(Go ahead and scream "Nooooo!" as loud as you can and then we'll continue.)

Supposedly Twilight director Bill Condon's partner, Jack Morrissey, has been chatting with Fifty Shades screenplay writer, Kelly Marcel, on Twitter. And now there's speculation that Bill may wind up producing the flick, and that's where KStew nabbing Ana's role comes into play.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Bill loves Kristen, and there's a chance he won't be willing to consider casting any other actress for the part.

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Hmm. Yeah, I'd say that's definitely a good possibility, if Condon really does wind up being the producer for Fifty Shades. Considering how successful Kristen was in the Twilight films, maybe she's the perfect person to take on another epic role, like Anastasia Steele, right?


OMG. Ok, so before I read Fifty Shades of Grey, all I really knew about it was that it was loosely based on Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's characters in Twilight. And for that reason alone, I figured the two of them should probably be cast in the film as Christian and Ana.

But I changed my mind shortly after finishing the first book -- because I just can't picture Bella and Edward going at it like that. I'd never be able to accept them in their new roles, because every time they're on-screen together from here on out, they'll always be Edward and Bella. Period.

But forget about Rob for a second -- ever since the whole Rupert Sanders cheating scandal, Kristen's really kind of lost her luster. I know everyone makes mistakes, but I just don't think fans will be as excited about seeing the Fifty Shades movie if they know they'll have to suffer through watching Kristen bite her lip for two hours or more.

I know I don't wanna do it.

How about you? Do you think Kristen should be cast as Ana?


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kebrowni kebrowni

When I first read the books, Kristen Stewart is who I pictured as Ana. She's totally awkward and fitting for the role. I wouldn't, however, put Robert Pattinson in the role of Christian. He just doesn't look the part. And I don't think that Kristen's personal life should have any effect whatsoever on her acting. While I disapprove of cheating on one's significant other, I still like her as an actress.

Bella Fagoaga

No. uh-uh *shakes head* no.

nonmember avatar kelsey

im only picturing ian as christian so the thought of kristen as ana with ian just seems so wrong! please no!

Whitney Devlin

Don't want in any way to be cruel, but Kristen is so wrong for this part! We are talking innocent,  young girl! That is not Ms. Stewart, on any level! An actress like Alexis Bledel is perfect for the part. Is Alexis a favorite of mine  No, but she really imbues all that is  Anastasia!

nonmember avatar BeautifulUndead

No way! She couldn't act a part if her life depended on it. Totally lacks emotion and is completely expressionless and she also lacks any conviction at all.

Sandra Gonçalves

I,d love to see Kristen and Robert in a steamy sex scene.No matter what people say,if the two of them had no such chemistry,they would´n have become such a phenomenal successful couple....Just a reminder to  k.stew haters ,why was 50 shades of grey based on them anyway,?????Because they simply rock together!!!!

Ashlee Payne Carpenter

noooooooooooooooooooooooo. she cant even act. come on people the twilight movies sucked. lets be real. we need an amazing innocent yet attractive young women to ana. no some one who can barely act. she's wrong for the part. this is not some teen movie where you can half ass at acting and get away with it. Ana is a strong character and bella swan wasnt. not to be harsh but no one will see this movie if she is Ana.

Donna Serrano

She has one expression AND Ana is supposed to be pretty. She is not!
Kristen is an awful actress and I hated her as Snow White. She ruined that movie! If she or Pattinson gets a part in this....I will no way watch this movie. It will ruin everything! :-(

nonmember avatar Rose

NOOO!! She is not Anastasia!!

Amber Lynn

id be ok with it

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