Spencer Pratt Bashes Kim Kardashian for Being Famous for Sex Tape but Who Is He to Talk?

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spencer prattYou know who's got no leg to stand on when talking about how reality stars became famous? Spencer Pratt. Yeah. Remember him? He was that flesh-bearded asshole on MTV's The Hills who married Heidi Montag and stood idly by while she changed her entire face and body to become "more sexy." OK, so -- Spencer is calling Kim Kardashian the "world's most famous porn star" and says she'd be nowhere without that sex tape.

First of all: uh duh, everyone knows that. He doesn't think he came up with that, does he? Second of all, why the hell did Spencer Pratt get an interview, and third of all ... Let's review how Spencer became famous, shall we?

Since he thinks he's illuminated the nation with this assertion that Kim became a household name for banging Ray J. on camera, let's dissect how he became a notorious loser who squandered his 15 minutes and now lives in his parents' basement with his plasticized wife.

He leveraged his friendship with Brody Jenner into a reality "career." No, he didn't have sex with Brody on tape and then sell the thing, but the line there is probably thinner than any of us realize. He was on Brody's show Princes of Malibu as Brody's stylist, or some shit like that, then followed Brody to The Hills.

And that's where the ish hit the fan. Thinking that he's smarter than the average bear, Spencer decided to play the villain on the show. Every storyline needs an antagonist and he dedicated himself to being a manipulative, evil, two-faced giant douche of a human. It was great TV.

Unfortunately, it wasn't just TV. Spencer morphed into a wide-eyed megalomaniac who subsisted solely off the press he received and off, of course, the energy provided by his genuine addiction to crystals. Poor Heidi Montag had hitched her tail to his star and became more entangled in the thread than anyone ever saw coming. To go from a down-home girl in Colorado to fake woman infamous for plastic surgery takes skill, and Spencer was her sensei.

When the show wrapped and they found their names fading more and more from blogs and tabloids, they explained that 9/11 was an inside job and allegedly faked the end of their marriage for attention.

In fact, Spencer recently said they faked everything on The Hills, but alas, it was too late. No one cares anymore. Thanks to his careful calculations he made to become loathed and Heidi's enormous balloons for breasts, they'll always be seen as the bad guys. 

Kim Kardashian's net worth is roughly $40 million. Spencer's? $100 thousand. I'd take a leaked sex tape over Brody Jenner's sloppy seconds any day.

What do you think?


Photo via Pacific Coast News

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dirty... dirtymoon

Washed up trash looking for another 15 mins of fame. 

MaryC... MaryCimino

Pot meet Kettle, you two should get along just fine...

nonmember avatar Yulanda chosi

Why man always call woman sluts.If we dump or refuse theire proposal of being in a relationship with them must thay call us names,if that fool was a freand of mine I would have sued him that instant.If what u guys had is gon why don't he b man enough and came 2 u and say what's in his mind and c if cared.All he wanted was money that he can't have.If u give him ones he will be back for more.Tell him 2 go and show the hole world if can.We came in this world naked,who doent know apinus or vegina we all know them.Every body knows that if 2 people are in a relationship sex must be involve.He must be happy that he got the time 2 spend it with u.If I were him I wodtresure that moment for the rest of my life.

nonmember avatar Yulanda chosi

My sister died at 39years of age and left her 2 kids with my mother and me and a brother who don't care.I dint have a chance 2 tell how much I loved her,u guys have each other and the chance 2 say it now and every day,just call each other and say I Love U and hangup the phone and c how u will feel for that day.I miss my sister ill du any thing 2 get her back if I can.She will always b ireplaseble in my heart,I always feel like I'm alone in this world.

nonmember avatar YULANDA CHOSI

Why woman always feel sorry for men.They don't feel sorry for us they rather go and talk about us 2 the magazines or newspapers 2 feed thayer ego,those man we call them cowards.Don't let those tipe of man intimedate u,go on with ur life if the man u are with now don't care about ur past don't care about it focus on the future.thay are jelors and thay don't have selfestime.

MaryC... MaryCimino

Yulanda, learn to type in English and then I'll take you seriously. Oh and spell check works wonders.

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