Honey Boo Boo’s Mama June on 'Dancing With the Stars'? -- Oh Please Yes!

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Mama June from 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo'Throughout the years, we've seen handfuls of interesting characters on Dancing With the Stars. We had our doubts when Kim Kardashian stepped on stage what feels like ages ago. And oh man, remember the circus surrounding Metta World Peace! With season 16 right around the corner, it looks like ABC may have found their next brilliant shining star in Here Comes Honey Boo Boo's mama June. Yup, rumors are swirling that the mother hen of the Boo Boos (as I love to call them) may have snagged herself a spot on the next season. Mama June on DWTS?! Can you even believe it?

And although we won't really know if she's made the cut until they announce the cast on Good Morning America on Monday, March 18 -- I'm just gonna say this: Casting mama June on DWTS would be one of the best decisions ABC ever made. At the very least, better than their decision to cast Sean Lowe as The Bachelor.

June. Is. Hilarious. There's really no other way to sum up her crazy antics. I can only imagine the train wreck that would occur when producers put her in a blinged out dancing costume and ask her to dance the foxtrot alongside a much more experienced dancing pro. And oh gosh! Can you imagine her taking feedback? And talking to Brooke Burke backstage?

Even better: Imagine how she could interact with the other A-listers (or D-listers) picked for the cast? I can just see it now -- she and DWTS hopeful Kourtney Kardashian talking over the different approaches they have to parenting.

The best part of this big rumor, though? Thinking about June's family sitting front and center in the audience. Alana just sitting there, hooting and hollering, munching on pork rinds. That alone would make the entire season worth watching, for me at least.

Do you think mama June would be a good pick for season 16 of DWTS? Who do you want to see shake things up?


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Marsha Sheriff

This would be the end of the line for me!!!! Please tell me this is a very bad joke????

nonmember avatar j

The only reason anyone wants to watch her on tv is to make fun of her. We teach our children not to be bullies, but we as adults do the same thin when we mock reality tv "stars." Grow up DWTS!

McArthur Pamela

Love the idea, it would make the show so fun, she is cool and not fake at all. Love the idea, makes me say cool. I don't care what all the haters say, she is just a person, and belongs here like anybody else. I love the IDEA

nonmember avatar Tammy

YUCK!!! this woman is not attractive in the least i still cant believe someone mated with her!!!!

Jerseys Rants

First of all Dancing With the stars is another waste of a timeslot.. Second I still have no idea why Honey Boo Boo and her Family have a T.V. Show in the first place.. The dumbing down of America continues ..

Deborah White Greiner

you're kidding,right? that is a sick thought. the whole honey booboo things is sick. she should be jailed for child neglect or child abuse for letting that child get that big and for allowing her to believe it's good to be that big.

Dave Westby

would be so LAME ,,she is a total JOKE,,I think people that watch that show with her daughter ,,Have to have some loose screws anyway ,,,JUST SAYIN

Amanda Mize

that woman is the nastiest woman i have ever seen idc about her weight she is just friggin nasty i cant even stand to hear her talk the show is stupid there is no point in it but to watch her fart and talk like a blubbering idiot and feed her kids with loads of butter and animal lard she is the most unclassiest woman i have ever seen in my life she makes me cringe!!!

Pam Knight

I love her and to all you judgmental ppl get over yourselves she is human just like everyone else..only reason ppl look down on her is because she's overweight...and speaks her mind and probably one of the most real ppl on the planet and dancing with the stars would be lucky to have her ........GO MAMA JUNE show them watch ya got..lol

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