Honey Boo Boo’s Mama June on 'Dancing With the Stars'? -- Oh Please Yes!

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Mama June from 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo'Throughout the years, we've seen handfuls of interesting characters on Dancing With the Stars. We had our doubts when Kim Kardashian stepped on stage what feels like ages ago. And oh man, remember the circus surrounding Metta World Peace! With season 16 right around the corner, it looks like ABC may have found their next brilliant shining star in Here Comes Honey Boo Boo's mama June. Yup, rumors are swirling that the mother hen of the Boo Boos (as I love to call them) may have snagged herself a spot on the next season. Mama June on DWTS?! Can you even believe it?

And although we won't really know if she's made the cut until they announce the cast on Good Morning America on Monday, March 18 -- I'm just gonna say this: Casting mama June on DWTS would be one of the best decisions ABC ever made. At the very least, better than their decision to cast Sean Lowe as The Bachelor.

June. Is. Hilarious. There's really no other way to sum up her crazy antics. I can only imagine the train wreck that would occur when producers put her in a blinged out dancing costume and ask her to dance the foxtrot alongside a much more experienced dancing pro. And oh gosh! Can you imagine her taking feedback? And talking to Brooke Burke backstage?

Even better: Imagine how she could interact with the other A-listers (or D-listers) picked for the cast? I can just see it now -- she and DWTS hopeful Kourtney Kardashian talking over the different approaches they have to parenting.

The best part of this big rumor, though? Thinking about June's family sitting front and center in the audience. Alana just sitting there, hooting and hollering, munching on pork rinds. That alone would make the entire season worth watching, for me at least.

Do you think mama June would be a good pick for season 16 of DWTS? Who do you want to see shake things up?


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Marilyn Redig

I couldn't imagine her on there! The smell alone would be enough to knock everyone out. She is the most unfeminist creature ever!! Gross!!

Kathy Beason

I can't see her in those high heels.If she falls on anyone I feel sorry for that person.She is there for one reason for everyone to laugh at her and her size .

Pat Knight

Are you out of your mind? This is supposed to be about dancing and you want to turn it into a three ring circus. Just start your own show. Let's have stupid people with the stars!

Michelle Mezico- Andrulonis

Leave poor June alone....Id like to see her on there.....I love the way people think its ok to call other names.....Id rather hang out with June than a plastic fake human. June is at least real and does nice thinbgs such a volunteering to feed the hungry and other community organizations... I have to wonder the ones complaining do you volunteer to do anything for your community....

Michelle Mezico- Andrulonis

and Marilyn how do you jbow she smells? Have you ever been around her or is that just an unfair assumption on your part. That is so wrong to speak ill of someone like that, it really shows what kind of person you are....and its not a nice one!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar Bob

Really?? This is what America wants to see, a fat lazy lard on TV with her dumb red neck family who are all overweight with low IQ's?

nonmember avatar Gail

OMG, please please please make this entire family go away and make it last forever.

Becca Rinehart

Um, @ Marty L. Dunn: I don't think you're one to talk about someone not being able to talk right, when your spelling & grammar is atrocious. Let me show you what I'm talking about: dancing, not dancein; woman, not wome; whatsoever = one word, not three. You also forgot several periods & commas.

nonmember avatar Danielle

To Marty, who it seems is a DWTS fan, to help you out for the future, its DANCING not DANCEING. HAVE A GREAT DAY!

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