'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Co-Stars Have Finally Had Enough of Her Bad Behavior

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Jenelle EvansThe rumors have been swirling for weeks now that season 4 of Teen Mom 2 will be the last for the MTV series, and every finger points to Jenelle Evans being the cause for the cancellation. Maybe it's true. Maybe it's not. But it turns out the fans aren't the only ones fed up with the reality star and her near constant state of drama. Even her co-stars are turning on her these days.

Last week it was Corey Simms' dad, Jeff Simms. This week it's Chelsea Houska's dad, Randy Houska, and even one of the other Teen Moms herself.

Randy, who's become the Cliff Huxtable of the reality TV set with his own following of fans who adore his super dad status, took to Twitter this week to deliver a little dig at Jenelle:

So far, TM2 has been a great experience. The crew,the teen moms,their family and friends: all good. @PBandJenelley_1 - you are the wild card

On its own, the comment speaks volumes about the effect Jenelle's arrests, divorce drama, and drug rumors have had on the show. Moms like Chelsea maintain that they agreed to be on the MTV series to show the world the truth about young motherhood. Unfortunately, that's hard to do when the news about Teen Mom is less focused on what it takes to be a young mom and more on what guy Jenelle is or isn't dating now.

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Randy's daughter, not surprisingly, is the one Teen Mom who is seen least in the tabloids. She's survived the three seasons of Teen Mom 2 so far virtually scandal-free. Jenelle, on the other hand, seems particularly hellbent on capturing the media spotlight, constantly tweeting her every movement, and allowing her husband to sell stories about her to the tabloids.

A few weeks ago, it earned her a slap from co-star Kailyn Lowry for bringing her drama out in public. Kailyn quickly deleted the Tweet, after fans criticized her for being critical of a co-star. This time, she's standing firm. The straight-talking Kail not only retweeted Randy Houska's comment, but she also commended the TV dad for "being so honest."

So it's not just the parents of the Teen Moms who are sick of Jenelle, it's some of the Teen Moms themselves? Not surprising at all, not when girls like Kail who are trying to follow the straight and narrow -- going to college, taking care of their kids -- are constantly being lumped in with the likes of a scandal-plagued Jenelle Evans.

It's too bad the show can't continue for future seasons with just three Teen Moms. We already know the Jenelle Evanses of the world exist. That's the Teen Mom stereotype. What the world could use is more examples like Kailyn and Chelsea, moms who have struggled with teen pregnancy but eventually found their even keel. At least it would give other girls in their situation a positive example of what to strive for.

What do you think of the Teen Mom stars going after Jenelle Evans?


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happy... happymama2D

Of course they are ticked ... she's derailing the gravy train!!!

momma... mommabearof003

Why not just get rid of the bad rubish and keep the girls moms who are settng a good example for other young moms.

Lisa J. Karides

Horrible mother....but you have to admit.....her and her mother and the way they go at it and jenelles problems are good"drama" for the show. People like drama.....keeps ratings up. Sad to say, but oh so true. Just like amber and Gary in the last series.

Crystal Durham Pherigo Painter

She is only big news cause we the ppl make her big news other then that she would be just as little as the rest of us that have had kids at 16yrs of age and over come more then one bad thing in our life!!!!

nonmember avatar sherie

janelle may be a good portion tithe cancellation but I believe the fact that Leah is having more kids is also part of the cancellation.

nonmember avatar Mommytobe:)

Im sorry to say but she just needs to be takin off the show all she wants to do is party or go get high she dont think of her kid like all the other moms... i dont see her buyin dippers for her son i dont see her doing anything with him its all about those drugs or partying or men... SHE NEEDS TO BE TAKIN OFF THE SHOW DONT LET THE OTHERS SUFFER OVER SOMEONE ELSES DRAMA...

Kaylynn Palmer

I don't know what to say I'll be honest though jenelle hasen't been being a good mom at all like choosing her friends and boyfriends over her son when you have kids your supposed to fricken choose your kids over your friends and boyfriends kids are more important so ya

Joyce Browning

jenelle needs to grow up and stop making it all bout her i love the other teenmoms but jenelle i can not stand she put her drugs before her child i dont see her getting him back!!!!!!! jace is better off with his mamaw point blank period

Jessica Johnson Goins

As a Teen Mom myself, I believe it is more truthful to have all her drama there to see it isn't all perfect. However.... She does have a mental Illness and that can also be helpful to other teens to see it can effect anyone and have someone to relate to. I am so proud of Janelle when she succeeds, But I see her getting to bored then falling into her old ways and turning into the annoying, senseless, teen again. All I can say is that I am proud of all the girls in one way or another for surviving these trials and some of them staying true to who they are and being really good parents. I have been there and some of these girls have handled a lot more then most adults have in there lives. Keep it up Ladies I am proud of you.

nonmember avatar Kaylie

TM2 is being taken off the air because all 4 of the girls are f-ing trainwrecks. Jenelle is the worst, but the other girls stupidity is still very much alive and well. Chelsea admitted yesterday on the reunion special that she and Adam were CONTINUING to have unprotected sex, and she admits it in the new season's trailer, too. Kail was still sleeping around last season, and Leah's been pregnant twice. If they need to bring anyone back it's the Teen Mom 1 girls so they can give these four messes an intervention. The basis of the show is that it was too late for the girls to not get pregnant but they've learned that unprotected sex has consequences and want to show it. So far, the TM2 girls have done a REALLY crappy job at validating they learned their lesson. As bad as Farrah's attitude was and Amber's troubles and Maci's pretentious entitlement, they were at the very least, smart enough to learn from the mistake the first time and use protection. As soon as it's revealed that these girls are continuing to have unprotected sex they should be taken off the payroll. If my job is to prove that smoking is bad, and I tell my boss and coworkers that I am by no means a smoker yet I continue to smoke 2 packs a day, do you think I'd be able to just keep my job?

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